Online security

Cybercrime targets everyone. Learn what you can do to protect your business.

Getting help

Worried you've been the victim of fraud? We understand that cybercrime threats and attacks can be really frustrating and we’re here to help. If you need help or advice, or want to report a problem, contact us.

I need to report fraudulent activity

If you have authorised a payment and now believe you have been the victim of a scam, or you suspect you may have divulged your security details, call your local HSBCnet Support Centre or HSBC representative immediately.

I received a suspicious e-mail

Stop. Don’t reply. Don't click on any links. Don't open any attachments. Report to your HSBCnet System Administrator and forward the e-mail to and we'll investigate it.

Someone suspicious called me claiming to be from HSBC

End the call and call back using a verified phone number to confirm the call is genuine. Don’t provide any information to the caller. HSBC will never ask you to provide the code generated by your Security Device.