About HSBCnet

Banking moves fast online. Keeping up with changes in technology, regulation and the economic environment can be demanding.

That's why we've developed powerful, intuitive online tools to help you manage even your most complex banking needs.

HSBCnet gives you a clear picture of all your global banking in one place, wherever and whenever you want it. We offer a comprehensive suite of flexible online financial solutions – all designed to help you increase productivity and manage your cash flow. With real-time global account access and customisable setup features, you stay in control over of the finances at every level of your organisation.

Key features

  • One easy-to-use consolidated interface gives you comprehensive and global cash management, trade and supply chain, securities and global markets solutions
  • Keep track of your payments, receivables, liquidity and the changing value of your assets – all with one secure, global solution
  • Flexible reporting tools help you manage your cash flow and supply chain needs
  • Multilevel, end-to-end security
  • Customisable workspace and choice of HSBCnet in supported local language and time zone
  • Centralised, automated and scheduled enhancements means there is no need to download software updates
  • Comprehensive, yet easy to use with intuitive navigation, online learning resources and telephone support in your local language when you need it
  • Convenient Internet access while in the office, on the road or in different countries
  • Align with your in-house Treasury Management Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning systems

Getting started with HSBCnet is easy using our step-by-step instructions to guide you through your first time log on and additional support options available once you have access to an HSBCnet profile.

If you’d like to find out more about what services may be available to help grow your business, please reach out to your HSBC representative or contact us for further information.

*Features and functionality may vary by country

Improve the efficiency of your trade operations with a range of e-trade products and services. We'll help you automate your work processes and cut costs. You can also arrange bill settlement instructions and check your trade account status online.


Optimise your cash flow, simplify your day-to-day processes and get quick access to your accounts with HSBCnet. You'll also get the real-time information you need to compete in today's business environment.

Through HSBCnet, you can make a variety of payments, such as wire transfers, inter-account transfers, high or low value, local and cross-border transactions. For your international priority payments and transfers, you can enjoy the visibility of live FX rates at the point of payment or transfer using the Get Rate tool. You also have the option to combine high volume of payments or receivables into a single transaction.

Monitor your transactions, share your remittance details, establish authorisation levels and set limits through this online platform. You can even create customised reports with HSBCnet.

Other valuable features of our Global Payments Solutions include time deposits and cheque outsourcing services. Our Alerts functionality helps you keep on top of payment activity and authorisation requests through convenient SMS or e-mail status updates. In addition, our easy to use mobile phone interface, HSBCnet Mobile, allows you to view your accounts and authorise transactions on the go.

Note: Functions may vary by region.

Global Payments Solutions, opens in a new window

View real-time information about your accounts, including balances and transaction history. The HSBC Liquidity Funds Portal on HSBCnet is a simple, secure, web-based tool for managing your holdings. If you have registered for a particular fund, you can also check its yield and price data.

Refer to previous transactions by viewing the transaction history. By default, transactions dated within the past 15 days are displayed in settlement date for all legal entities, linked accounts and funds you are authorised to see and grouped by share class.

Through the Liquidity Funds Portal you can place orders to subscribe to or redeem liquidity fund shares or buy and sell funds via an easy-to-follow trading process. User friendly features allow you to review details before placing a trade, print the screen for you records and view real-time progress of the trades you've placed*.

*The settlement process occurs outside the Liquidity Funds Portal and is the same as for trades placed by phone or fax.

Redemptions will be settled automatically but a separate transaction is required to fund subscription trades. As an existing HSBCnet customer, simply process your payment instruction to credit the fund administrator within this tool. If you are not an existing HSBCnet customer, you will need to instruct your bank to make payment to the fund administrator.

Initiate trade transactions and access real-time trade account information at your convenience with HSBCnet*. We'll help you increase efficiency, reduce waiting time and expedite your sales, sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Use our online platform to access your trade facility utilisation and the details of your import and export trade transactions, such as documentary credits (DCs), Trade Loans, DC advices, export bills, guarantees, standby DCs, shipping guarantees, air waybills and delivery orders.

Apply for import DCs, guarantees, standby DCs and make amendments online. Applications can be created faster and more efficiently using HSBCnet's features such as saved templates and clauses.

Create import bill instructions and view details of outstanding import bills. Accept or reject bills and submit settlement instructions – all from the convenience of your computer.

If you receive a DC in your favour, you can submit instructions online to request for DC confirmation or transfer these DCs to the beneficiary of your choice provided that they are transferable.

You can apply for Trade Loans (Buyers or Sellers, where applicable) online to get financing for payment to Suppliers or against sales orders. Online functionality also allows you to upload supporting documents as part of the application.

HSBCnet makes it easy to find transactions quickly with intuitive filter functionality. Locate your transactions by referring to your DC number, issue date or expiry date.

There are also other finance options available, including the ability to apply for import and export loans. If your application requires supporting documents, you can upload these documents and submit together with the application.

*Features and functionality may vary by country

Trade and Receivables Finance, opens in a new window

HSBC evolve is HSBC’s new generation end-to-end and flexible execution platform. Specially designed to be interactive and intelligent, our platform offers you an integrated and customisable execution journey, from pre-trade, trade through to post-trade.

By using HSBC evolve, whether you are a corporate or institutional client, you can access the breadth of HSBC’s electronic products, tools and services, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Tap into advanced execution capabilities including options and algos. Our platform is designed to facilitate execution: trade spot, outrights, swaps, time options and more with only a few clicks.

You can also access our rich solutions and currency coverage, with over 450 currency pairs, deliverable and non-deliverable across Asian, European and North and Latin American markets. HSBC being a leader in major currencies and emerging markets liquidity, you’ll enjoy a seamless access to our liquidity network.

Global Markets, opens in a new window

HSBC Prime Finance capitalises on our long established credentials in Global Banking and Markets and HSBC Securities Services. Prime Finance incorporates Global Futures and Options, Global Equity Finance and FX Prime Services, and is integrating Fixed Income and OTC Clearing.

Prime Finance, opens in a new window

View and manage your holdings with HSBC and other sub-custodies around the world. You can access real-time information on your securities portfolio and obtain statement details conveniently online. Plus, you can initiate securities transactions individually or save time by consolidating them using the HSBCnet file upload feature.

Get securities reports with a summary of stock receipt and delivery transactions for individual accounts or for all accounts in your portfolio. You can search for securities and counterparty information, along with detailed position and transaction statements.

Contracted settlement information is also available, providing you with status summary of all the securities transaction on accounts that are due to settle on a certain date.

Securities Services , opens in a new window

These Standard Settlement Instructions are to be used for all transactions with HSBC Bank plc ("HSBC"), in the products denoted, unless otherwise specified at transaction level. Please follow carefully the instructions within the attached documents to ensure correct payment/delivery. These documents replace all previous editions.

Standard Settlement Instruction documents

Related services

Structured products

Effective management of your payments and receivables processes is key to making best use of your cash flow. Such an approach is designed with an emerging markets-led and financing-focused strategy in mind. So simplify your day-to-day processes and speed up your access to account details with HSBCnet, our corporate internet banking platform which connects you to people, companies and markets worldwide.


Easy payments

  • Make a variety of payments including wire transfers, inter-account transfers, high- or low-value, local, cross-border and batch payments
  • Simplify the process by combining high volumes of payments or receivables into one batch
  • Remittance assistance: Advise others of transaction remittance details

Comprehensive control

  • Establish transaction authorisation levels and limits appropriate for your business
  • Access real-time transaction information and create customised reports for reconciliation, planning or forecasting
  • Take advantage of other convenient features such as time deposits and HSBCnet's Cheque Outsourcing Service

Note: Functions may vary by region.

Payment convenience and flexibility

Making payments is easy. You can save time by creating general templates that store basic information required to simplify your repetitive payments. You can also create a variety of payment types by following our intuitive step-by-step instructions. As for security, you can create restricted templates to limit changes to authorised staff.

Additionally, you can improve speed and reduce error rates when making payments with automated validation checks, look-up lists and input fields pre-formatted to your requirements. You can enter payments accurately by searching our comprehensive list of banks and clearing codes, which can be filtered by country and city.

Furthermore, you can handle larger volumes of payments with our File Upload feature. There's no need to re-enter additional information – simply submit payment files that you've created in your back-office system directly to HSBC.

To ensure that your payments are timed precisely to make best use of your cash flow, you can create one-time payment instructions in the required currency and store them for up to 45 days prior to the effective date.

Once a payment has been made, you can send detailed e-mail payment notifications with to up to six recipients in supported local languages.

Payment authorisation

Transact your payments safely and reliably with HSBCnet. Get added protection against errors and internal fraud by setting up internal payment authorisers to align with your corporate structure, audit and compliance needs.

Make your payments more secure in HSBCnet by specifying the number of users required to authorise a payment, as well as the combinations of user levels for differing values of payments. It also lets you extend your business day by choosing to assign authorisers that work in different time zones than those who create the payment.

You can keep yourself updated through the payment authorisation tool, which allows you to view company transactions awaiting authorisation and informs authorisers of any outstanding actions for processing. The payment authorisation process also includes access to Get Rate*, a foreign currency exchange service for cross-border payments.

*Contact your local HSBC office to know which service is available to you.

Receivables management

Simplify your collections process with HSBCnet. You can keep track of your receivables activity, including images of processed invoices and cheques. Your receivables can be handled manually or through predetermined rules that you have set up. Save time by creating payor profiles, including information on discounts and how collections will be handled to align with invoices.

Send notifications by e-mail to provide your recipients with receivables detail in your own words, or other information, including past due invoices or invoice status.

Other convenient features:

Time deposits: Manage your cash surplus effectively by initiating interest rate enquiries, and executing time deposit placements and maturity instructions. This is available across a number of markets in multiple currencies per location and with flexible tenures ranging from overnight to five years.

Cheque Outsourcing Service: Manage your cheque payments with HSBCnet's Cheque Outsourcing Service. You prepare and approve cheque payments, and HSBC handles the printing and delivery, saving you time and effort through reduced administration. Typically, Cheque Outsourcing Service is used for non-urgent payments.

Contact your local HSBC office to know which feature is available to you.