Supply Chain Solutions

Approved Invoice

A Buyer's Overview

Supply Chain Solutions Approved Invoice from HSBC was designed specifically to help finance the supply chain in the most cost-effective and time efficient way possible. As a buyer, this ensures your suppliers are able to deliver the goods and services you need so you can fulfil your own commitments.

How It Works – At a Glance

Approved Invoice allows you to offer key suppliers easy access to early payments on a non-recourse basis and optimize your own Days Payable Outstanding. After receiving your Buyer Approved Invoices, HSBC will make eligible invoices available for early payment. HSBC would then debit your account until the invoice settlement date - giving you more control over working capital while also helping suppliers avoid the need for external financing. As a result, you'll build stronger supplier relationships that may ultimately put your organisation in a better position to negotiate more attractive pricing and terms.

Get the Details

You can learn more about our Approved Invoice solution, and the benefits it offers to you and your suppliers by accessing the following information:

For more information on how Approved Invoice benefits your suppliers in particular, please visit our Approved Invoice Supplier site.

You may also contact your HSBC Global Trade and Receivables business development manager to discuss how Approved Invoice can help you and your business partners lower supply chain costs.

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