Supply Chain Solutions

Approved Invoice

A Supplier's Overview

Supply Chain Solutions Approved Invoice from HSBC is an early payment programme designed to help improve the cash flow in your supply chain. Your buyer - who is a client of HSBC - invites you to participate for the opportunity to reduce your Days Sales Outstanding for cost-effective supply chain funding and balance sheet de-risking. You don't even need to open an account with HSBC.

How It Works – At a Glance

By participating in your buyer's Approved Invoice programme, you will be eligible to receive early payment from HSBC on invoices your buyer has approved. We pay you directly, less a discount and in advance of the original invoice settlement date. Depending on how your programme is structured, you can opt to have all eligible invoices from that buyer marked for early payment or pick and choose those you want to be paid early. Either way, you effectively gain access to the capital you need at competitive rates on a non-recourse basis to keep your supply chain funded without the need to rely on traditional finance loans.

Get the Details

You can learn more about our Approved Invoice solution, and the benefits it offers suppliers by accessing the following information:

You may also contact your participating buyer or an HSBC Global Trade and Receivables business development manager to discuss how Approved Invoice can help you unlock cash from receivables lower your borrowing costs.

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