Smarter banking with HSBCnet

Explore the transformative power of HSBCnet today

Gain total visibility of your global finances, trade transactions and FX positions with HSBCnet - anytime, anywhere.

Your internet banking safety is paramount, so we’ve designed HSBCnet with the latest security technology, including access controls, infrastructure safeguards and regular process reviews. We’ve also developed a multi-level approach to user authentication, which is a significant improvement on traditional password-based security; for added safety, certain fields in your contact and security details can only be updated by contacting us first.

We’ve integrated services into a single online platform, so you won’t have to think about software downloads. And you’ll be using your web browser, so there’s no need for dedicated terminals. Periodic system enhancements are available immediately and without the need for additional actions.

HSBCnet is flexible and customisable. By giving you access to HSBC’s global banking solutions, you are able to:

  • Choose the specific tools and functionality for your business and market
  • Stay up to date with real-time market information, activity alerts and notifications
  • Set up your own customised, scheduled reports to deliver the information you need straight to your inbox.

Round the clock, wherever you are, HSBCnet keeps you fully supported with a range of innovative online help and assistance options that are designed to make your life simpler and resolve problems faster. The new LiveShare, LiveChat and Virtual Assistant features are available 24/7, allowing you to share your screen securely with an expert who can help you resolve a problem, chat with us online if you have a query, ask your own questions, explore features and browse frequently asked questions.

HSBCnet is intuitive and easy to navigate, so you can quickly access your organisation’s position – on a day-to-day basis and historically – monitor real-time activity statuses, and create detailed, customisable reports. Set up your favourite accounts and schedule reports that you can download or print in Excel or PDF format.

When it comes to reporting, HSBCnet puts you in control of your cash flow. Access real-time information on your accounts from anywhere in the world, at any time – HSBCnet tracks your day-to-day activity and delivers updates. You can review real-time and intra-day account transactions as well as balance and statement details for all the global accounts in your HSBCnet portfolio, including both HSBC and select third party accounts.

Reconsolidating accounts and making informed forecasts is made easier by the wide range of standard HSBCnet reports. Create customised reports to get the specific data you need, exactly when you want it. You can even schedule regular deliveries, straight into your inbox.