HSBC Liquidity Management - Video Transcript


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[00:00:02 – 00:00:12]: HSBC has created a Liquidity Management Dashboard accessible via HSBCnet. This provides a dynamic and graphical view of liquidity KPIs for treasurers.

[00:00:14 – 00:00:22]: Aided by Data Analytics, it is designed to help you manage overall liquidity positions and make effective investment and funding decisions.

[00:00:24 – 00:00:33]: You can view a detailed overview of different types of liquidity from current accounts through to notice accounts and term deposits as well as your holdings in liquidity funds.

[00:35 – 00:00:57]: The dashboard can be fully personalized to align with your company’s unique profile hierarchies of legal entities and business units, giving you a consolidated view of the current balances available across all your accounts and products, including third-party bank balances, indicating how these have changed since the last reporting day.

[00:00:58 – 00:01:09]: Selecting a date in the last 12 months, shows how your balances and positions looked at that point in time, and filters can be used to further focus the dashboard.

[00:01:10 – 00:01:20]: You can see your balances in any other reference currencies and you can bookmark a view that you have filtered to remember the selection for future analysis.

[00:01:21 – 00:01:31]: Account balances are shown in the summary graph, using a combination of customer-defined dimensions. You can drill down to further detail using a pivot table.

[00:01:32 – 00:01:44]: Selecting a combination of dimensions updates the graph for a more customized view. You can also view your balances in more detail by accessing charts that highlight information at a granular level.

[00:01:45 – 00:01:56]: By selecting a sub-set of data from any of these charts, the entire dashboard automatically updates to show only that selection. This can also be saved as a bookmark.

[00:01:57 – 00:02:18]: By letting you see historical balances, the dashboard gives you the tools to compare time periods and analyze trends. The ‘balance over time’ charts for example, enable you to review historical balance fluctuations, consistency, spikes or dips in balance behaviors to help you make better decisions.

[00:02:19 – 00:02:35]: Data for balance views selected using the filters appears in the balance table. You can also export this into excel. You can review your term deposits and how these are maturing over a selected period with the Term Deposit Maturity Outlook graph.

[00:02:36 – 00:02:47]: The Liquidity Management Dashboard also provides you with an intuitive view of your liquidity management structures by accessing cash concentration and notional pooling solutions.

[00:02:49 – 00:03:07]: You have ultimate transparency and visibility of cash movements and inter-company positions. It is one of the next-generation services HSBC continuously invests in to give you more control, reduce risk and ensure you are on top of your liquidity worldwide.