Supporting your business needs

[00:00:01 – 00:00:03] Building a global business is all about ambition.

[00:00:04 – 00:00:09] The success of that ambition depends on your global network and how you manage it.

[00:00:10 – 00:00:26] At HSBC, we understand how frustrating it can be; multiple accounts across the world, financing options based only on your local performance, capital and liquidity inefficiencies, and high barriers to entry in new markets.

[00:00:26 – 00:00:27] We can help.

[00:00:28 – 00:00:35] Our International Subsidiary Banking teams around the world harness the power of our network to help you succeed.

[00:00:35 – 00:00:42] We serve over 8,000 global corporations, across more than 50 countries and can offer you;

[00:00:43 – 00:01:14]

  • Dedicated teams, structured to mirror the way you work across parent and subsidiary levels,
  • Tailored solutions, that provide greater cost efficiencies,
  • Better use of working capital and help in reducing cross-border risks,
  • A consistent service, to enable you to grow at scale.
  • A central technology platform, that will help you track your finances in real time and access to our global network of experts, empowering you with insights and connections.

[00:01:15 – 00:01:26] We are your banking partner now and for the future, offering a global approach, for global businesses. Please contact us today for further information.

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