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HSBCnet Security Update

Dear HSBCnet System Administrator,

As part of our ongoing work to continuously strengthen HSBCnet security, we are implementing changes to the log on process, payment tools and template functionality. These changes will afford better online protection and serve as a precaution against future online fraud attacks.

There are specific changes depending on if you are an HSBCnet Smartcard User or a Password-Only User. Please review the information below as it applies to your HSBCnet usage.

As a Smartcard User

Effective 16 February 2013, you will be required to log on to HSBCnet using your physical device.

As a Password-Only User (Users without a Smartcard or OTP Security Device)

Effective 16 February 2013, payment and template create/amend functionality will be fully removed from your password-only user profile. At that time, if you are using a password (without a Smartcard or OTP Security Device), you will only be able to log on to HSBCnet with limited, "view only" access. If you require the ability to make payments and create templates, you will need to request a physical device (OTP Security Device) from your System Administrator or apply for a Smartcard by contacting your HSBCnet support centre.

Please contact your local HSBCnet support centre for assistance, if required.


Your HSBCnet Team


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