The rising role of the RMB – a corporate perspective

In the future, global currency
markets will look very different.

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HSBC Global Banking and Markets, in collaboration with the China-Britain Business Council, held 'The rising role of the RMB' – an event, attended by over 100 corporates, focused on offering insight into this growing market.

The increasing international use of renminbi is currently a hot topic in the business community. Translating knowledge, such as how British companies can now use RMB to sell goods and services, pay for imports, and finance expansion into China.

Please find below highlights from key speakers and presentations providing an overview of the RMB market which you may find interesting.

Refer below for the presentations from the event and other resources you may find useful.



The rising role of RMB

Presentations from the event

HSBC's Emerging Markets Currency Guide 2012

This compendium of regulations is an essential companion for investing,
hedging or simply transacting in emerging market currencies.

Currency Outlook June 2012

Our Currency Outlook comprises feature pieces on the longer-term currency
market and is published monthly. It focuses on the G20 and includes all of our currency forecasts.

RMB Presentation Pack

This presentation pack contains up-to-date offshore RMB market information
and a view of HSBC's RMB capabilities.

Unravel the complexities of RMB Internationalism

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