Structured products for UK investment managers

HSBC Global Markets (part of HSBC Bank plc) is the engine behind structured product offerings for other parts of the HSBC Group. It now offers a diverse range of products allowing your clients to access not only vanilla indices such as the FTSE 100, but also more innovative areas such as emerging markets and commodities.

Because our aim is to work in partnership with managers, we are happy to discuss bespoke products for individual firms, subject to a minimum overall trade size. We will also be bringing a succession of products to market on a regular and ongoing basis.

HSBC Global Markets structured products are underwritten by securities issued by HSBC Bank plc whose long-term senior debt rating is Aa2 (Moody's), AA (Standard & Poor's) as at 31 December 2010.

Price Indications
22 December 2014
P45668 Eukairos Preference Shares Series 108 1.0829
P48907 Eukairos Preference Shares Series 133 1.0196
P49649 Eukairos Preference Shares Series 137 1.0556
P52862 Eukairos Preference Shares Series 172 1.0255
P52971 Eukairos Preference Shares Series 175 1.0295
P54982 Eukairos Preference Shares Series 193 1.0051
P54983 Eukairos Preference Shares Series 194 1.0084


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