HSBC Sub-Custody and Clearing FAQs

HSBC Sub-Custody and Clearing delivers an array of solutions to meet your needs as an institutional investor, including banks, global custodians and cross-border institutional broker-dealers, in both emerging and mature securities markets worldwide. Learn about the full range of sub-custody and securities clearing services, offered in line with our financing-focused strategy.

What services does HSBC Sub-Custody and Clearing provide?

Receive settlement and custody services for securities and fixed income instruments with the following standard components, as applicable:

  • Application for foreign investment licences and new issues
  • Corporate action reporting/administration
  • Dividend and income collection
  • Nominee and proxy services
  • Receipt and delivery of securities
  • Registration for scrip-based markets, safe custody, trade/portfolio/cash reporting
  • Take-up of rights and bonus issues
  • Contractual income and settlement services, foreign exchange and cash management
  • Institutional fund services
  • Local depository service programmes
  • Stock-lending services
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Does HSBC Sub-Custody and Clearing provide securities lending and borrowing services?

Yes, we help facilitate onshore securities lending and borrowing services where market regulations allow.

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How will HSBC Sub-Custody and Clearing work with me?

You will get services that suit your aims and operations through working directly with staff in each centre.

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How will HSBC Sub-Custody and Clearing keep me up to date on market developments?

Get market information services that match the dynamism of the marketplace. Keep updated with market developments through our:

  • Market Guide – a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the markets where we operate and the services we offer
  • Market News Broadcasts – a newswire service sent directly to your desktop via e-mail or a live web alert
  • Market Focus Advocacy – a quarterly summary of events and changes in the market, including in-depth feature articles on key topics of interest. We also include information on our lobbying efforts referred to as Market Movers, as well as a Calling Programme Calendar
  • Newsbrief – a twice-daily summary of HSBC Market News Broadcasts, which provides a quick snapshot of broadcast traffic with focus on important news items
  • Teleconference call – when major or time-sensitive developments occur in any market, you will also be advised immediately by phone on any urgent issue that may affect your accounts
  • Website – provides the latest Market News Broadcasts and our Market Guide online, as well as a comprehensive guide to all the information regarding our services and branches

Take advantage of these exclusive value-added services found in the post-logon area of our website. In order to gain access to this area, you will need our global password, which you can get by contacting us. Once you have accessed the site for the first time, register by creating a unique password-protected profile, and update it at any time.

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What technology does HSBC's Sub-Custody and Clearing offer?

Experience full support for securities settlement, registration, corporate actions, cash settlement, remittances and reconciliation. As part of our in-house core banking system, our securities processing system and HSBCnet use a common platform, layouts and interface protocols that can communicate easily with other HSBC Group banking systems.

Use our system to place instructions or access your portfolio data through Hexagon, the HSBC Group's real-time electronic banking system. All our centres are integrated into the SWIFT network, allowing us to offer a range of MT500 message types.

Contact us for more information about our services.

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How can I find out more specific information regarding HSBC Sub-Custody and Clearing?

Contact us for more information about our services.

Global Head of Business Development
United Kingdom

Global Head of Business Development


Phone:  +44(0) 207 005 8083

Global Head, Banks and Broker Dealers
United States

Global Head, Banks and Broker Dealers


Phone:  +1 (1) 212 525 2620

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