Important information for Internet Explorer 6 users

Since Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) was released over a decade ago, the way we use the Internet has changed significantly. As a result, web browsers have evolved to adapt to ever-changing needs and web technologies.

Internet users that access protected sites using IE6 experience a higher security risk and a less customer-friendly experience. A growing number of prominent websites are even choosing to discontinue support for IE6 altogether, which saves hours of extra work for web developers. For these reasons, Microsoft is driving a global transition from IE6 to newer versions of its browsers, and HSBCnet is following Microsoft's guidance.

At HSBCnet, we are committed to keeping fraud out of Internet banking by continuously evaluating ways to fortify the integrity of our system. To protect your online experience and allow us to continue to deliver new functionality effectively, HSBCnet has discontinued ongoing support for IE6. Please note that you may choose to continue using IE6 to access all tools and functions on HSBCnet, but with a number of important limitations.

Consider upgrading your browser

If you are currently using IE6 on HSBCnet, we ask you to consider upgrading your web browser to a newer version of Internet Explorer (IE7, IE8 or IE9) as soon as possible.

Internet Explorer 6 HSBCnet now provides full support for the use of IE7, IE8 and IE9. Upgrading your version of Internet Explorer is quick, easy and free – simply download the software from the Microsoft site.

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What if I don't upgrade my browser?

If you choose not to upgrade your browser, your HSBCnet access will not be blocked in any way. You may continue using IE6 to access all tools and functions on HSBCnet, but under the following limitations:

  • While HSBCnet itself is secure, using IE6 leaves you vulnerable to security threats;
  • Future enhancements to HSBCnet will not be tested for IE6 compatibility, which means they may not function correctly in your browser;
  • HSBCnet will not provide support for issues related to IE6 compatibility.

As a result of these limitations, your HSBCnet experience on IE6 will likely continue to degrade over time, so we encourage you to upgrade your version of Internet Explorer as soon as possible.

We are also in the process of upgrading our systems to optimise the use of HSBCnet with other commonly-used web browsers.

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What if I am unable to upgrade my browser myself?

Some companies have IT restrictions in place which prevent users from downloading software. Others have legacy systems which require the use of IE6. In cases like these, you may be unable to upgrade your browser directly. Please present this information to your IT manager for further consideration.

Microsoft has created the Internet Explorer 6 Countdown site, a global initiative dedicated to watching IE6 usage drop to less than one percent worldwide. The site outlines many benefits to upgrading your browser and helpful resources for corporate users looking to upgrade their version of Internet Explorer, including implementation support services, customer case studies and cost/benefit analyses.

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If you have any questions about upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer, please contact your local HSBCnet support centre.