The URL you are attempting to access was originally created as a temporary page to advise and support large groups of HSBC customers moving from Business Internet Banking to HSBCnet. This migration activity related to the URL you are attempting to access has concluded. HSBCnet customers should now be accessing HSBCnet using either the global HSBCnet website or their local HSBC public.

You can continue to access HSBCnet using our global public website located at or banking logon area of your local HSBC public website. If you arrived at this page using a saved bookmark in your internet browser, please update your link to point to your preferred access point for HSBCnet.

This change was announced to all HSBCnet customers in the January 2018 issue of HSBCnet News as well post logon messaging once logged on to HSBCnet.

If you experience any difficulty accessing HSBCnet, please contact your local HSBCnet support representative for assistance.

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