Monthly Review
HSBC Securities Services
Issue two: 2012

In this issue, we review priorities for institutional investors in all asset sectors, looking at the hedge fund industry and also exploring recent developments in the eurozone and in China.

Our feature article in 'Views' summarises which markets HSBC expects to grow the fastest over the next four decades and where hedge fund managers can find end-to-end providers of prime brokerage services to deliver access to those markets, while maximising asset security and taking advantage of flexible financing.

Hedge funds, hedge fund managers and asset servicers are becoming increasingly regulated. In Europe, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) will impose strict requirements when it comes into force next year. Although the industry accepts the need for new regulation, many are less than happy with some of the detail in the latest draft and are lobbying for changes – as we explain in our 'Regulatory focus' article.

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Global insights
Stephen King
Stephen King draws parallels between the eurozone's current situation and the political extremism and economic unrest that preceded the Great Depression.
Qu Hongbin
Guangdong's reliance on the private sector, in contrast with Chongqing's dependence on government-led investment, represents the nation's future.
Regulatory focus
Hedge fund industry questions draft AIFMD rules
The European Commission's draft rules on the AIFMD could have a number of consequences, especially for depositaries,
if they come into effect in their current form.
Bill Scrimgeour

Hedge fund industry questions AIFMD rules

Save the date - 15 June 2012

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Cian Burke and Paul Hamill
A feature by Cian Burke, Co-Head of HSBC Securities Services and Paul Hamill, Global Head of Prime Services on the transition of the present 'emerging' markets to the frontier of the global economic landscape, and how the HSBC Prime Services solution is uniquely structured to help clients safely capitalise on the opportunities.
John Van Verre
Q&A session with John Van Verre on how the Bank is equipping itself to assist clients achieve their goals in the current market environment.
Week in China
Help, s'il vous plait
Interest in developing closer ties between China and Europe goes both ways.
Dark days ahead?
International investors seem to have lost confidence in overseas-listed Chinese stocks, resulting in fears as reporting season looms.

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