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There is no guarantee that a secondary market will be available. HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc. intends, in normal market conditions, but is under no obligation, to use reasonable efforts to provide a secondary price for the Notes as principal(which price will be determined in the sole discretion of HSBC Securities), but reserves the right not to do so in the future in its sole discretion, without providing prior notice to the Note holders. The secondary market price for a Note, if available, represents the bid price of such Note as a percentage (%) of the investor's original principal amount invested (For example, a bid price of 105% with respect to $1000.00 principal amount per Note will result in $1050.00 payable to the investor, subject to an early trading charge, if applicable). The bid price of a Note at any time in the secondary market (if available) will be dependent on, among other things, (i) how much the value of the underlying asset(s) has risen or fallen since the issue date, (ii) the frequency and magnitude of changes in the levels of the underlying asset(s) since the issue date (iii) the fact that the amount of protected principal at maturity is limited to the principal amount and that any premium paid for the Notes on the secondary market is not protected by HSBC, and (iv) a number of other interrelated factors, including, without limitation, the time remaining to maturity, the creditworthiness of HSBC and market demand for the Notes.

The historical or pro forma performance of the Notes and their respective underlying asset(s) should not be taken as an indication of the future performance. It is impossible to predict whether the value of the Notes and their respective underlying asset(s) will fall or rise over the term as their values will each be uniquely influenced by complex and interrelated economic, financial, regulatory, geographic, judicial, political and other factors. Please see the relevant Document for complete details.

The return on a Note is dependent on the change in value (which may be positive or negative) of the underlying assets during the term of such Note. Except where a Note expressly provides for a minimum guaranteed return, it is possible that no return will be paid (or no additional return in the case of a Note with a minimum guaranteed return) to the holder. Some Notes may also be subject to caps, participation rates and/or other limits. The full principal amount will be repaid at maturity in case of principal protected notes. Since the principal amount of the non principal protected notes will not be guaranteed and will be at risk, holders may not receive any amount at maturity and holders could lose substantially all of their investment in the non principal protected notes. An investment in any of the Notes is subject to a number of risk factors. Please see the relevant Document for complete details, including the precise formula for determining the return, on any Note.

Some Notes are linked to the performance of one or more indices. Each index name generally represents a trademark or service mark of the relevant index sponsor who reserves all rights, including copyright to the index. Each index is licensed for use by HSBC and/or its affiliates. The Notes are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by any index sponsor and none of the index sponsors makes any representation, warranty, or condition regarding the advisability of investing in the Notes or accepts any liability in relation to the issue, operation and trading of the Notes. Holders should read the applicable Document for more information on any index, including its historical performance.

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