HSBC establishes alliance in energy trading with TOTSA


23 Jul 2010

HSBC Bank plc (HSBC) today announced the establishment of a strategic alliance in energy trading with Total Oil Trading SA (TOTSA), the trading arm of Total. The alliance will open up new segments of the markets to both partners and will enable HSBC to offer energy-specific OTC derivative products to its clients. The alliance aims to deliver strong, sustainable and worldwide solutions starting with crude oil and petroleum products. Discussions continue regarding the development of further energy products by the alliance.

Each partner will focus on its core expertise: deal origination and credit risk management for HSBC; and oil trading for TOTSA. HSBC will benefit from TOTSA's experience in managing exposure to energy by combining physical infrastructure and risk management capabilities to deliver energy derivatives. HSBC will retain the relationship with its clients and the associated counterparty risks. The alliance will be placed under the joint supervision of senior executives from the two companies.

Samir Assaf, Head of Global Markets at HSBC, said: "The suite of products stemming from this alliance will represent a very important component of the overall product offering to our clients, many of whom are based in emerging markets where commodities play a crucial role in economic development. The alliance will support their risk management, investment, and financing needs."

HSBC and TOTSA have agreed the terms of the alliance, are finalising the initial product suite and operational platform, and expect to offer the first products in the next few months, subject to any necessary regulatory approvals or authorisations.

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