HSBC named Best Emerging Markets Bank of the Year by Euromoney


09 Jul 2010

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In Euromoney's Awards for Excellence 2010, HSBC has been named Best Emerging Markets Bank of the Year.

Euromoney said, "HSBC is one of the few institutions that can call itself a truly global emerging markets bank, and with capital flows between developing countries on the up is well placed to intermediate in one of the most exciting growth areas in the financial markets." Euromoney added, "The bank can cater to its clients globally and holistically and in a much more efficient way than most of its rivals."

HSBC won a total of 20 awards including Best Emerging Markets Debt House and Best Wealth Management House. Commenting on HSBC's award as Best Emerging Markets Debt House, Euromoney said: "In the 12 months under review, HSBC lead managed more emerging market bond deals (328) with a greater volume (USD40 billion equivalent) than any other bank. It lead managed transactions in 21 currencies, more than any other bank." Euromoney added, "No other bank has as comprehensive a product offering as HSBC."

Full list of awards won by HSBC at the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2010:

  • Best Emerging Markets Bank
  • Best Emerging Markets Debt House
  • Best Sovereign Advisory House
  • Best Wealth Management House
  • Best Investment Bank in the Middle East
  • Best Debt House in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Best Debt House in Asia
  • Best at Risk Management in Asia
  • Best Cash Management House in the Middle East
  • Best Debt House in Hong Kong
  • Best Debt House in Philippines
  • Best Debt House in Brazil
  • Best Debt House in Poland
  • Best Debt House in Greece
  • Best Debt House in Spain
  • Best Debt House in Turkey
  • Best Investment Bank in Saudi Arabia
  • Best Bank in Hong Kong
  • Best Bank in Bermuda
  • Best Bank in Armenia

Stuart Gulliver, Chairman, Europe, Middle East and Global Businesses, said: "We are delighted to be named Euromoney's Best Emerging Markets Bank and Best Emerging Markets Debt House. These awards recognise the strength of HSBC's franchise in emerging markets which is further supported by the awards we have won in the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America."

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