HSBC wins seven major awards in the FX Best Banks Awards for 2009


18 Nov 2009

HSBC has won seven major awards in the FX Week Best Banks Awards for 2009 including winning 'Best Bank for FX for Corporates' for the fifth year running. HSBC also won all three emerging markets categories, adding the award this year for 'Best Bank for Emerging Latin American Currencies' to its domination of the EMEA and Asian currencies.

HSBC won the following top awards:

  • Best Bank for FX for Corporates
  • Best Bank for FX Research and Strategy
  • Best Bank for FX in Asia-Pacific
  • Best Bank for Emerging Asian Currencies
  • Best Bank for Emerging EMEA Currencies
  • Best Bank for Emerging Latin American Currencies
  • Best Bank for Forward FX

FX Week said HSBC won the title of Best Bank for FX in the Asia-Pacific "with a commitment to providing consistent liquidity, as the market turmoil forced competitors to cut their exposure to the region". FX Week continued: "HSBC, which also topped the emerging Asia, Latin America, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa currencies, said a strong global EM presence helped it provide competitive prices across EM pairs ... for example, a Chinese manufacturer importing commodities from Brazil. The bank also benefited from investment into electronic commerce, risk management and product distribution infrastructure, providing a standardised service to all clients."

Frederic Boillereau, Global Head of Foreign Exchange and Metals, said: "These awards recognise the quality of our FX research product, the excellent service we provide to corporates, and the strength of our global emerging markets franchise."

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