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Access HSBC Global Research reports directly from your iPad. With our iPad app, you can customise your preferences and store reports for offline use.


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The application requires you to enter your existing MarkitHub ID and password. If you do not have a MarkitHub ID and password, tap the link to register. If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password? link.

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  1. You must enter a valid MarkitHub ID and password.
  2. The registration link will launch the MarkitHub (website) Request Access page.
  3. Use the e-mail link to research@hsbcib.com if you have difficulty registering.
  4. These links point to our current terms and conditions and privacy statement.
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The Dashboard tab is the homepage of your HSBC Global Research app. The Dashboard's left column carries our top research reports of the day. Additional research reports prompted by your personalised alerts will be listed on the right once you customise your app.


Tapping a title opens the publication on your iPad.

The 'Plus' icon is used to save an individual document to the Briefcase, where it can be stored and retrieved even when offline. After a document has been saved in the Briefcase, the 'Plus' is removed.

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The Reports tab displays all incoming research to which you are entitled. This page will always default to the most recent research as long as there are no filters.

  1. You may look for specific research either by using the free text search at the top of the screen or filter by category on the left, or a combination of the two (for further help see the Search pages).
  2. Search results are presented in chronological order.
  3. Items are grouped by day, then week/month.
  4. The 'Plus' icon is used to save an individual document to the Briefcase, where it can be stored and retrieved even when offline. After a document has been saved in the Briefcase, the 'Plus' is removed.
  5. Greyed-out research titles indicate that they have been read but may be reopened.
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The Briefcase tab is your storage area within the Research app. You may select reports to keep in the Briefcase, and those will be available offline. Your Briefcase also holds the records of any standard content searches you have created elsewhere in the app. By setting up searches tailored to your needs, you can have research automatically appear in your Briefcase to read anytime, anywhere.

  1. Reports, Saved Searches (filters) and Saved Analysts (also filtered lists of content) can be saved in the Briefcase from various locations in the application. All items placed in the Briefcase are saved in the iPad for offline reading.
  2. Within the Briefcase, reports can be organised into collections or folders, which are represented by icons at the left side of the screen.
  3. Collections may be created, edited or deleted.
  4. Tapping on a saved search will re-execute that search.
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Briefcase - edit

Your Briefcase of research reports and specific searches can be viewed offline at anytime, and the content remains there until you remove it. Items are transferred into your Briefcase in chronological order. You can delete material from your Briefcase at anytime. The contents of the Briefcase (and the collections) can be edited or deleted.

Briefcase - edit
  1. Tap the headline to read any item.
  2. Swipe your finger to the left to enable the delete button on any item.
  3. Tap the All icon to view the full contents of your Briefcase.
  4. Tap Saved Searches to isolate searches that you have set up for specific research.
  5. Tap Saved Analysts to isolate research written by a specific analyst.
  6. Tap Inbox to view all content that has not been put into a specially created collection (see Briefcase – collections and icons).
  7. Tapping the Edit Collections button puts you into edit mode, where existing collections may be edited, moved or deleted.
  8. Individual documents may be selected using the available radio buttons, then deleted or moved using the Delete or Move buttons.
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Briefcase - collections and icons

Collections are folders that can be created and stored in your Briefcase for specific research subjects.

Briefcase - collections and icons

A collection can be created anytime in your Briefcase by selecting New Collection and entering a name for the folder. In this screenshot, you can see collections for Gold and Treasuries.

The Briefcase has four default icons along the left column, plus any collection folders that you create. The default icons show all items in your Briefcase or just all Saved Searches or Saved Analysts. The inbox shows everything in your Briefcase except what you are storing in collection folders.

To create a new collection, tap New Collection, enter a name and tap Done.

To organise your Briefcase, including deleting reports altogether or moving them from one collection to another, tap Edit Collections. This reveals radio buttons for all reports. Tap the radio button of the report you want to move, and then tap the location to which you want to move it.

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You may also save a search as an alert to be run automatically (for more details, see Search – Save search). Available alerts content is indicated in red on the Alerts tab.

  1. A visual indicator (red box with number) will notify you of new alert results in real time.
  2. The newest alert results will be at the top of the list and marked as such.
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Free text search

As you type in the Search box, 'Smart Search' results are dynamically generated below.

Free text search
  1. 'Smart Search' results are dynamically generated based on the characters as you type. You may select any option displayed below to execute the search. If you hit Enter, a full text search will be executed.
  2. Results in the Analysts section are based on a search of author names matching the characters entered. The first three most relevant analysts are displayed.
  3. Results in the Reports section are based on a search of documents for the characters entered. The most relevant research is displayed by title.
  4. Results in the Filters section indicate matches against filters you have already created.
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Filtered search

You may perform full text searches of HSBC content and narrow search results by any currently available filter.

Filtered search
  1. You may combine full text searches with filters (text first, then add filters); search progress is indicated at the top.
  2. Available filters are displayed initially; tapping will drill down one level to display the choices for that filter.
  3. You may go back a step by tapping the Back arrow while in a filter.
  4. Filters with a solid red dot indicate you have chosen to search on all topics in that category (see Region in the screenshot). A red border indicates a narrower search of topics in the category (see Country in the screenshot).
  5. Search results may be saved in a variety of ways (see Save search).
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Filters applied

You may view the filters you have already applied to your search.

Filters applied
  1. You can view the filters you have selected and applied by swiping the filter list to the left.
  2. Swipe right to return to the filter list.
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Save search

You can save searches, whether generated by 'Smart Search', a full text search, search filtering or a combination of these.

Save search
  1. You can save search queries to run continuously or on demand. The search queries themselves are saved to your Briefcase.
  2. Search titles may be any length.
  3. Queries (in addition to results) may be saved in the Briefcase and directed to a specific collection.
  4. When saving or editing a search, you can add it to your Alerts, receive push notifications or auto-save to your Briefcase – or any combination of the three.
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Save document to Briefcase collections

You can save your documents in your Briefcase by selecting an existing collection, creating a new one or sending directly to your inbox.

Save document to Briefcase collections
  1. The document may be saved to an existing collection in your Briefcase, or a new collection may be created. Tap Done when complete.
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Navigating a research report

You have the option of viewing research with the top-level navigation, logo and search box open (as seen) or closed.

Navigating a research report
  1. Navigate back to the Search Results page using the Back button.
  2. Double tap on graphs to enlarge them.
  3. You may also remove the upper navigation, logo and search box from view for a cleaner presentation by tapping on the double arrow at the top right corner of the document.
  4. Once in full-page mode, a tap on this icon will restore the navigation and document information.
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Q: What is the HSBC Research iPad app?

A: The HSBC Research app is for institutional clients of HSBC Bank plc. It delivers to your iPad all the HSBC Global Research to which you are entitled, so you can read it online or offline, anytime, anywhere. To use the application, you must have a valid MarkitHub username and password.

Q: Where do I get the HSBC Research iPad app?

A: You can download the app from the Apple App Store.

Q: How much does the app cost?

A: The app is free for HSBC institutional clients.

Q: What if I am not an institutional client of HSBC Bank plc?

A: Please contact your HSBC sales representative for more information.

Q: Can I download the app on any version of the iPad?

A: You need an Apple iPad using iOS version 4.0 or later with either 3G or Wi-Fi access.

Q: I have forgotten my MarkitHub password. How do I get a new one?

A: Tap on the Forgot Password? link on the logon page, and a new password will be sent to you.

Q: How to I delete the app from my iPad?

A: Press the app icon until an X appears next to it and delete.

Q: I am having trouble downloading the app.

A: First, ensure that you have an active internet connection that enables you to download from the App store. If you have tried other measures, including closing all other applications and restarting your device, contact your HSBC support team.

Q: Where can I get help on how to download the app and all its features?

A: For complete instructions on how to customise the app for your needs, visit our help page.

Q: Can I use the app offline?

A: Yes. Any research documents that you have already saved in the Briefcase function of the app can be read offline at any time.

Q: Is the HSBC Research app available on other mobile devices?

A: At this time, the app is available through the Apple iPad App Store. The app may be available on other platforms in the future.

Q: What asset classes and regions do you cover?

A: HSBC Global Research has 600 people around the world providing research on emerging and developed markets. We specialise in macroeconomics, FX, fixed income (rates and credit), equities, asset allocation, quantitative research and climate change.

Q: I cannot find the answer to my question. Where do I turn?

A: Contact the HSBC Global Research support team at research@hsbcib.com.

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