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Global Economics Quarterly
Global Economics Quarterly

The global economic world has become a surreal one - a world of oddities, a world of peculiarities.

Why QE has had its day
Why QE has had its day

QE may no longer be the right tool for combating deflation and low growth as its costs are now outweighing the benefits.

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Week in China

Week in China offers exclusive commentary on key business trends emerging from China, updated every week.

Global Research

In-depth economic analysis and advice from a team of global finance experts

Why Global Banking and Markets Why Global Banking and Markets

Global Banking and Markets is a globally connected business, with a strong footprint in emerging markets.

HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business

Learn more about the opportunities and risks of the rapidly expanding market for China's currency.

Awards Awards

Many of the industry's leading publications recognise our success as an emerging markets-led and financing-focused wholesale bank.

Careers for experienced candidates
How important are graduates to HSBC?
Experienced candidates

Be part of one of the most respected and internationally connected banks in the world

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Careers for graduates
Career events
Student and graduate careers

HSBC offers a world of opportunities for individuals at the early stage of their career.

Futures and OTC Clearing

Global access, bespoke coverage

Take advantage of a specific market view or participate in the performance of a single share market without holding the cash stock. HSBC fully supports clients' futures trading requirements with brokers on specialist sales desks across all time zones.


Get professional market coverage, order execution and clearing services backed by the financial strength of the HSBC Group. Our strong presence in Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America provides significant relative advantage in understanding complexities of the domestic markets.

We offer a number of electronic trading solutions, including FIX, Trading Technologies, Trading Screen, Bloomberg EMSX and Bloomberg Tradebook.

Take advantage of a flexible account and reporting structure, single currency margining, multi-product settlement, 24-hour clearing and client services across all liquid products, plus bespoke post-trade automation. We are committed to operational excellence in clearing services and our web-based enquiry and reporting system Futures Direct Clearing allows customers to keep track of trading activities via the internet using a standard web browser.

Exchange memberships

HSBC Futures has memberships on over 30 exchanges worldwide and access to over 60. We are on all the major futures and options exchanges, either as a direct member or through third-party intermediaries, helping you with trade executions and clearing.

We are a direct member of the exchanges listed below.
Note: Clicking on these links will lead you to websites which are not associated with HSBC, and which may be governed by their own terms of use.

North America Code
Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros BM&F
CME Group Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME
CME Group Chicago Board of Trade CBOT
CME Group Commodity Exchange of New York COMEX
CME Group New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX
Chicago Board Options Exchange CBOE
ICE Futures US ICE
International Securities Exchange ISE
NYSE Euronext New York NYSE Euronext
Europe Code
Athens Derivative Exchange ADEX
ICE Futures Europe ICE
NYSE Euronext Amsterdam NYSE Euronext
NYSE Euronext Paris NYSE Euronext
London Metal Exchange LME
Turquoise TGHL
Asia Code
Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai BSE
Hong Kong Exchange HKEx
National Stock Exchange (India) NSE
Osaka Securities Exchange OSE
Singapore Exchange SGX
Tokyo Financial Exchange TFX
Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE

We offer third-party exchange access on these exchanges.
Note: Clicking on these links will lead you to websites which are not associated with HSBC, and which may be governed by their own terms of use.

Code Third-party exchange access
IDEM Borsa Italiana
BOX Boston Options Exchange
ICE Futures Canada ICE Futures Canada
KCBT Kansas City Board of Trade
KRX Korea Exchange
MexDer Mexico Derivatives Exchange
MGEX Minneapolis Grain Exchange
TMX Montreal Exchange
NYSE Euronext NYSE Euronext Brussels
NYSE Euronext NYSE Euronext Lisbon
TMX Toronto Stock Exchange
WSE Warsaw Stock Exchange
WB Wiener Boerse
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CFTC customer protection rules

HSI risk disclosure

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) requires each futures commission merchant to provide information within the Futures Commission Merchants (FCM)-specific disclosure document to a customer prior to the time the customer first enters into an account agreement or deposits money or securities (funds) with the FCM.

Segregated Funds and Net Capital Information

The CFTC requires each futures commission merchant to make certain financial information available to customers on a rolling 12-month period.

1. Statement of segregation requirements and funds in segregation

2. Statement of secured amounts and funds held in separate accounts for 30.7 customers

3. Statement of cleared swaps customer segregation requirements and funds in cleared swaps customer accounts

4. Schedule of adjusted net capital, net capital and excess net capital

5. Required statements and footnotes from current certified annual report

The following statements can be obtained from the attached statement of financial condition.

  • Statement of Financial Condition - page 3
  • Statement of Segregation Requirements and Funds in Segregation, - page 36
  • Statement of Secured Amounts and Funds Held in Separate Accounts for 30.7 Customers, - page 38
  • All related footnotes to the above schedules that are part of FCM’s most current certified annual report; - pages 4-30

Statement of Cleared Swaps Customer Segregation Requirements and Funds in Cleared Swaps Customer Accounts, and - see separate file attached below

6. The month-end segregation statement, secured 30.7 statement and cleared swap customer statement that are part of the FCM’s unaudited Form 1-FR-FCM or FOCUS statement required to be made public for the period June 30, 2013 through November 30, 2014. Other financial statements that are part of the FCM’s unaudited Form 1-FR-FCM or FOCUS statement (e.g. Statement of Financial Condition, Statement of Income (Loss), etc.) are not required.

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FCM financial information/Investment of customer funds

Customers should be aware that the National Futures Association (NFA) publishes on its website certain financial information with respect to each FCM. The FCM Capital Report provides each FCM’s most recent month-end adjusted net capital, required net capital, and excess net capital. (Information for a twelve-month period is available.) In addition, NFA publishes twice-monthly a Customer Segregated Funds report, which shows for each FCM: (i) total funds held in Customer Segregated Accounts; (ii) total funds required to be held in Customer Segregated Accounts; and (iii) excess segregated funds, i.e., the FCM’s Residual Interest. This report also shows the percentage of Customer Segregated Funds that are held in cash and each of the permitted investments under Commission Rule 1.25. Finally, the report indicates whether the FCM held any Customer Segregated Funds during that month at a depository that is an affiliate of the FCM.

The report shows the most recent semi-monthly information, but the public will also have the ability to see information for the most recent twelve-month period. A 30.7 Customer Funds report and a Customer Cleared Swaps Collateral report provides the same information with respect to the 30.7 Account and the Cleared Swaps Customer Account.

The above financial information reports can be found by conducting a search for a specific FCM in NFA’s BASIC system and then clicking on "View Financial Information" on the FCM’s BASIC Details page.

Additional financial information

In addition to the FCM’s financial information that is accessible from the NFA, additional information can also be obtained from the CFTC’s website.

Customer disclosure documents

Customer disclosure documents

This Clearing Member Disclosure Statement is being made available to our clients that may be entitled to the protections of EMIR.

In accordance with CFTC Regulations the attached booklet contains disclosure statements which must be read, understood and acknowledged as applicable to Customer's Account on the signature page of the Futures and Cleared Derivatives Transactions Customer Agreement.

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