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Global Economics Quarterly
Global Economics Quarterly

The global economic world has become a surreal one - a world of oddities, a world of peculiarities.

Why QE has had its day
Why QE has had its day

QE may no longer be the right tool for combating deflation and low growth as its costs are now outweighing the benefits.

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Week in China

Week in China offers exclusive commentary on key business trends emerging from China, updated every week.

Global Research

In-depth economic analysis and advice from a team of global finance experts

Why Global Banking and Markets Why Global Banking and Markets

Global Banking and Markets is a globally connected business, with a strong footprint in emerging markets.

HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business

Learn more about the opportunities and risks of the rapidly expanding market for China's currency.

Awards Awards

Many of the industry's leading publications recognise our success as an emerging markets-led and financing-focused wholesale bank.

Careers for experienced candidates
How important are graduates to HSBC?
Experienced candidates

Be part of one of the most respected and internationally connected banks in the world

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Careers for graduates
Career events
Student and graduate careers

HSBC offers a world of opportunities for individuals at the early stage of their career.

Payments and cash management

Driving cross-border trade

Get your working capital to work harder and make the most of your financial assets with products and services delivered by our team of specialists. As an emerging markets-led and financing-focused bank, we have the skills, expertise and resources to deliver solutions globally, regionally or locally through online and offline delivery channels.

Payments and cash management in Asia-Pacific

Ensure that payments are made and received quickly and efficiently with HSBC's cash management services. Our real-time cash flow services and online banking platform will speed up your business and help it grow.

Draw on our vast experience and knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region, plus our outstanding client services. These are some of the reasons why HSBC was named the 'banking partner of choice' in Asia-Pacific in the Euromoney Cash Management Poll 2010.

Learn more about our payments and cash management services in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Payments and cash management in the Middle East

Benefit from the knowledge and resources of the largest and most widely represented international bank in the Middle East. Our cash management experts will work closely with you to maximise your working capital while minimising costs.

Get tailored cash management services from experts who know and understand the Middle East market. We are recognised for our top-flight e-channel services and strong liquidity management and transaction management. That is why our clients have voted us the Best Cash Management provider in the region in the Euromoney Cash Management Poll 2010.


HSBC Global Payments and Cash Management, Middle East and North Africa Region
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Reap the benefits of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) with innovative payment and cash management services from HSBC. Whether for credit transfers, direct debit or card payments, we offer greater functionality, ease of use and simpler processing for both originators and beneficiaries of payments.

Get more details about our payments and cash management in Europe, especially our SEPA services.

Payments and cash management in North America

Move money, save money and make money. Whatever your business demands, regardless of its nature or size, you'll enjoy all the benefits of our extensive local expertise throughout North America.

Get Rate

Boost your profits with online cross-currency payments. Make payments in 21 currencies without increasing your operating costs or maintaining expensive currency accounts with HSBC's web-based Get Rate service. Plus, you benefit from attractive revenue-generating opportunities while expanding your payments business.

No more time-consuming paperwork, phone calls or faxes. Your orders are processed quickly and efficiently through HSBCnet, our secure online channel. You can enjoy added flexibility and offer international payments at any time, from one or all of your branches.

Request and lock in real-time, market-driven currency exchange rates while reducing your risk and exposure to devaluation. Receive instant confirmations on your order, create your settlement instructions and receive automated debits to your USD account.



Fritz, Lincoln


Ford, Brian G

United States

Yeates, Andrew
Gonzalez, Rita
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Payments and cash management in South America

Take control of your cash flow with HSBC's electronic and paper-based payment solutions. Modernise payment models, automate inefficient processes and lower costs with online and real-time support from our dedicated team of specialists.

Get superior service and coverage, from the Caribbean to Cape Horn. After all, more than 710,000 South Americans receive their salaries through HSBC, more than 40,000 business customers benefit from our accounts receivable solutions and more than
4 million use personal banking.

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Continuous Linked Settlement

Eliminate the risks associated with foreign exchange transactions through Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS). This can be achieved by using a 'payment versus payment' method, which provides a simultaneous exchange of currency values through CLS Bank International.

HSBC intends to settle all its eligible trades through CLS and will be one of the largest volume providers now that the system is live and operational.

HSBC's* CLS service proposition provides:

  • Enhanced Nostro payment services to 40 per cent of the active settlement members to enable them to meet the timed payment demands of the CLS process
  • A full settlements service to third-party institutions which do not qualify for direct CLS membership or which choose not to make the investment
  • A range of multi-currency and cash management benefits, including:
    • Reduction of costs
    • Reduced risk profile
    • Ability to increase FX business without increasing risk
    • Greater control of intraday/end-of-day cash positions
    • Increased efficiency
    • Greater certainty through increased control

Learn more about Continuous Linked Settlement.
*CLS services are provided by HSBC Bank plc for the HSBC Group. All further references to 'HSBC' in this part of the website should be construed as references to HSBC Bank plc.

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