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About HSBCnet

HSBCnet is more than just numbers. It's the future of business online – a gateway to effective corporate financial management on a truly global scale.

Launch the HSBCnet Showcase

The HSBCnet Showcase is a simple, easy-to-understand introduction to the financial management capabilities and services on HSBCnet.

For more information about how HSBCnet can help you manage your online financial needs, contact your HSBC representative or your nearest HSBC office.

The HSBCnet Showcase requires the Adobe Flash Player to be installed on your computer. If you do not have Flash, click on the icon to download a complimentary version.

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About HSBCnet

Manage your payments, receivables, liquidity and the changing value of your assets with one secure, global solution. With HSBCnet, you’ll get a convenient online financial suite that is designed to help you increase productivity, manage your cash flow and connect you with people, companies and markets worldwide.

Contact us to help you decide which online solutions we offer are suitable for your organisation and to find out how to integrate our services with your existing system.

Cash Management solutions

Optimise your cash flow, simplify your day-to-day processes and get quick access to your accounts with HSBCnet. You’ll also get the real-time information you need to compete in today’s business environment.

Through HSBCnet, you can make a variety of payments, such as wire transfers, inter-account transfers, high or low value, local and cross-border transactions. For your international priority payments and transfers, you can enjoy the visibility of live FX rates at the point of payment or transfer using the Get Rate tool. You also have the option to combine high volume of payments or receivables into a single transaction.

Monitor your transactions, share your remittance details, establish authorisation levels and set limits through this online platform. You can even create customised reports with HSBCnet.

Other valuable features of our cash management solutions include time deposits and cheque outsourcing services. Our Alerts functionality helps you keep on top of payment activity and authorisation requests through convenient SMS or e-mail status updates. In addition, our easy to use mobile phone interface, HSBCnet Mobile, allows you to view your accounts and authorise transactions on the go.

Note: Functions may vary by region.

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Trade and Supply Chain

Initiate trade transactions and access real-time trade account information at your convenience with HSBCnet. We’ll help you increase efficiency, reduce waiting time and expedite your sales, sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Use our online platform to access the details of your import and export trade transactions, documentary credits (DCs), shipping guarantees, air waybills and delivery orders. Apply for import DCs and make amendments online. DCs can be created faster and more efficiently using HSBCnet’s features.

Create import bill instructions and view details of outstanding import bills. Accept or reject bills and submit settlement instructions – all from the convenience of your computer.

You can also view export bills and DC advices online. Through Instant@dvice, you can receive export DC advices via e-mail. This can help you start your manufacturing and sourcing processes earlier.

You can also easily submit instructions online to transfer your export DCs to the beneficiary of your choice.

HSBCnet makes it easy to find transactions quickly with intuitive filter functionality. Locate your transactions by referring to your DC number, issue date or expiry date.

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Securities Services

View and manage your holdings with HSBC and other sub-custodies around the world. You can access real-time information on your securities portfolio and obtain statement details conveniently online. Plus, you can initiate securities transactions individually or save time by consolidating them using the HSBCnet file upload feature.

Get securities reports with a summary of stock receipt and delivery transactions for individual accounts or for all accounts in your portfolio. You can search for securities and counterparty information, along with detailed position and transaction statements.

Contracted settlement information is also available, providing you with status summary of all the securities transaction on accounts that are due to settle on a certain date.

HSBCnet also provides details of corporate events, such as annual general meetings, increases in share value or cash dividends, even if they are not part of your holdings.

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Global Markets

Get valuable local and global tools, including access to online trading, analytics and current market information. Our online trading platform delivers live prices in over 90 currencies with live streaming rates 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week.

HSBCnet FX and MM Trading, our online trading platform, allows you to deal foreign exchange and money market transactions from your own computer. Products include FX Spot, Outright Forwards, Swaps and Non-Deliverable Forwards as well as Money Market Deposits, Loans and Rollovers.

You also have access to Time Options, configurable pricing displays, intra session graphs for up to 10 currency pairs per rates page, immediate online deal acknowledgment and automatic settlement over nominated default accounts.

Live FX Spot and Forward prices plus HSBC Interest rates and daily Interest Rate fixings are offered through the Market Data tool.

In addition, our convenient Get Rate feature offers live FX rates when making cross-currency payments or transfers. With competitive FX rates visible upfront and refreshed every 20 seconds the exact amount of foreign currency to be sent is calculated, improving your reconciliation.

With registration to HSBCnet, Global Markets solutions can be easily added to your profile upon the completion of the relevant paperwork.

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Global Liquidity

View real-time information about your accounts, including balances and transaction history. The HSBC Liquidity Funds Portal on HSBCnet is a simple, secure, web-based tool for managing your holdings. If you have registered for a particular fund, you can also check its yield and price data.

Refer to previous transactions by viewing the transaction history. By default, transactions dated within the past 15 days are displayed in settlement date for all legal entities, linked accounts and funds you are authorised to see and grouped by share class.

Through the Liquidity Funds Portal you can place orders to subscribe to or redeem liquidity fund shares or buy and sell funds via an easy-to-follow trading process. User friendly features allow you to review details before placing a trade, print the screen for you records and view real-time progress of the trades you’ve placed*.

*The settlement process occurs outside the Liquidity Funds Portal and is the same as for trades placed by phone or fax.

Redemptions will be settled automatically but a separate transaction is required to fund subscription trades. As an existing HSBCnet customer, simply process your payment instruction to credit the fund administrator within this tool. If you are not an existing HSBCnet customer, you will need to instruct your bank to make payment to the fund administrator.

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Security and access control

Whether your organisation is large or small, HSBCnet offers a reliable and secure online environment by adopting best-in class technologies, proven best practice IT policies and procedures, and the dedication of expert resources.

HSBCnet security

Robust authentication processes, such as making use of one-time, password-generating security devices* or smart cards, means you can carry out business securely and safely.

We have backup and contingency plans to ensure that interruptions, if any, are minimal. And we employ regular independent reviews of system security, installation development and management to enhance the security measures of the tool.

Drawing on our considerable experience as providers of secure electronic banking systems, we ensure that risks faced in providing transaction banking online are addressed. We have a management team in place for security and centralised incident monitoring. It is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Administrative and transaction activities are also available online.

*Note: The security device is currently available in limited number of countries. Contact us to confirm which security solution is available to you locally.

Access control

HSBCnet puts you in control of you internal security with flexible administration tools to make your online experience efficient and secure.

Your designated system administrators can determine which information or application is available to each staff member. By managing access to tools and report options, you can streamline internal processes and improve your operational efficiency.

HSBCnet features flexible options for adding new users, including copying specific access entitlements from existing users.

You can also access information on who is using the system, at what time and for what activity. These details help simplify your audit process.

Monitoring your accounts

HSBCnet’s Alerting feature provides the added security of being able to keep on top of your HSBCnet activity at all times.

Through convenient SMS or e-mail status updates you can receive information on Payment Instruction activity, Balance and Transaction reporting, File Upload activity, Self Service requests and Administration tasks such as changes made to your User profile.

Alerts allow you to catch input errors or fraudulent activity quickly and to take action to complete (or correct) transactions in a timely manner.

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Getting Started

This guide walks you through the registration, application and logon process in using HSBCnet for the first time. Contact us if you wish to access our online services.


HSBCnet system requirements

Accessing HSBCnet is easy, but you will need to make sure your computer has adequate processing power and the right software.

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Register on HSBCnet

HSBCnet provides a wide range of services to customers whose needs and entitlements vary according to their transaction and information requirements.

Note: If you are a new customer and do not have an HSBC Bank representative, contact us and we will get in touch with you.

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Customer application documentation for HSBCnet

You must complete the application documents to use HSBCnet transaction services. If you are using HSBCnet for information services only, then proceed to the next step, Log on to HSBCnet for the first time.

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Log on to HSBCnet for the first time

After completing your registration and application documentation, you must activate your Security Device before using HSBCnet.

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What's next?

Now that you have access to HSBCnet, you can make use of our tools, accounts and services. This entitlement to users would be granted by your respective System Administrators.

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HSBCnet mobile


HSBCnet Mobile: Banking in the palm of your hand

Get direct access to HSBCnet right on your smartphone with HSBCnet Mobile.

Start today. If you are an existing HSBCnet customer, simply enter www.hsbcnet.com/mobile into your smartphone's web browser using your logon credentials. Currently available as a complimentary service, the streamlined interface has been specifically designed for use on today’s most popular mobile devices.

Download our app. The HSBCnet Mobile app will soon be available in selected countries.

*HSBCnet Mobile is not available in all countries.

Welcome Authorise

Use HSBCnet Mobile to:

  • View account balances and statements
  • Create Priority Payments, Inter-Account Transfers, and/or Bill Payments to existing beneficiaries1
  • Authorise Priority Payments, Payments in the Eurozone, Inter-Account Transfers, ACH Credits/Debits, Bill Payments and File Level payment instructions1
  • Receive notification of payments ready for authorisation via My Alerts
  • Authorise cross-border payments and book foreign exchange rates with Get Rate1

1Specific service not available in all countries.


Supported devices and hardware requirements

Currently, HSBCnet Mobile (via Web Browser) supports smartphones that use the following operating systems: iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry and Windows.

The HSBCnet Mobile app is available for iPhone and Android based smartphones.

HSBCnet has verified the compatibility of these Mobile devices and their most recent operating systems for use with HSBCnet Mobile. To ensure that you get optimal use of the services available in HSBCnet Mobile, update your smartphone's operating system regularly.

Compatibility testing has been verified with various mobile devices and their OS versions to ensure a secure and stable experience with HSBCnet Mobile. Additional support to future devices will also be available as the mobile market further diversifies.

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Maintaining a secure HSBCnet Mobile experience

As with the main HSBCnet site, HSBCnet Mobile has incorporated several key security measures to help protect your information.

  • Security Device: Your Security Device is required to log on to your HSBCnet profile and for any subsequent transaction authorisations
  • Encryption: HSBCnet Mobile is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology (versions 1.0 - 1.2)
  • Session time-out: Similar to using HSBCnet from a computer, if you forget to log off, or your mobile device remains inactive for a period of time, HSBCnet Mobile will log off automatically

In addition to your obligation to comply with the general HSBCnet Security Procedures, you must ensure you also comply with the additional security requirements* relating to HSBCnet Mobile on your mobile device, including the following:

  • Do not store your HSBCnet user or profile details on your mobile device
  • Ensure your mobile device is updated with the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Avoid sharing your mobile device with others
  • Avoid using other mobile devices not on the approved list to access HSBCnet Mobile
  • Do not leave your mobile phone unattended after logging on to HSBCnet Mobile
  • For added peace of mind, click the 'Logout' button when you are finished with HSBCnet Mobile
  • To prevent unauthorised access to your mobile device, enable its automatic passcode lock feature
  • Use default browsers originally provided with your mobile device
  • Avoid using an 'unlocked' mobile device or a device with any unauthorised modifications when using HSBCnet Mobile
  • Avoid installing applications on your mobile device from unknown sources
  • When connecting to a wireless network using your mobile device, use only trusted networks or service providers and enable additional security protection, such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), if possible

*For full details of your security obligations in using HSBCnet Mobile, please refer to the HSBCnet Security Procedures.

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HSBCnet Mobile app

HSBCnet customers are now able to download the HSBCnet Mobile app on their iPhone or Android™ phone.* The new Mobile app is faster and easier to use than logging in to HSBCnet via your mobile browser. It offers enhanced optimisation for your mobile device with direct access to your entitled accounts and services anytime, anywhere.

Download our app. The HSBCnet Mobile app will soon be available in selected countries.

Three simple steps to get started using the HSBCnet Mobile app:

  1. Search "HSBCnet" in the Apple App Store or Google Play™ store, depending on your smartphone. Download and install the HSBCnet Mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Use your existing log-on credentials and security device to log on to HSBCnet Mobile via the app.
  3. Access HSBCnet Mobile services through the menu on the home page.

Apple, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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Security Alerts and Tips

Fraud Trends

Staying informed about online security risks enables you to stay vigilant against fraud and helps keep you protected.

Learn more about recent Fraud Trends and how you can protect your online banking experience

Webroot SecureAnywhere online protection

We are working with Webroot to offer HSBCnet customers complimentary access to the SecureAnywhere security software package for enhanced online security

Read more about how you can access this award-winning software

Be informed about Business Email Compromise

It's a good idea to be wary of any requests (via email, phone or otherwise) to change beneficiary banking details or send a payment to a new beneficiary. The request may be an attempt to divert funds to a fraudulent account.

Find out how to evaluate whether a request is genuine or fraudulent

Security Tips

Keeping vigilant is the key to being a savvy internet user. Here are some tips on how to ensure your online experience is safe and secure.

Read more about security alerts and tips


Banking in the
palm of your

HSBCnet Mobile
is a convenient
new way to
access a select
set of HSBCnet
services using
your supported mobile device.

*Available in select countries only.

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