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Regardless of your organisation's size, location or internal treasury structure, our suite of Client Access solutions offers a flexible range of options from basic connectivity to robust integration. These customised solutions help to improve visibility, streamline cash management and treasury operations, minimise risk and reduce costs.

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13 July 2012

HSBC and MAS broaden connectivity through SAP
HSBC Sri Lanka and MAS Intimates have collaborated to implement the next generation of host-to-host connectivity - HSBC Connect to SAP. The new solution will help MAS Intimates, the Intimates apparel division of MAS Holdings, experience robust two-way connectivity directly with the bank from the deployed SAP system, making it the first strategic partnership for HSBC in Sri Lanka.

25 June 2012

HSBCnet Mobile wins at the Australian Banking & Finance awards
HSBCnet Mobile has won the Australian Banking & Finance award for 'Banking website & online offering of the year'. Entries were judged based on their ease of use, ability to access, availability of information, visitor volumes and their strength in complementing existing channels.

29 March 2012

HSBC sings the praises of mobile cash management app
HSBC is trumpeting its new mobile service for corporate treasurers and senior managers, which has been used to authorise USD500 million in transactions in 19 Asia Pacific countries in its first 19 weeks.

Source: Finextra

15 February 2012

HSBC, ClientSphere claim top honour for onboarding innovation
HSBC continues to receive global accolades for its leading-edge ClientSphere onboarding solution, taking the top spot in the Customer Implementation category as part of Financial-i’s Leaders in Innovation Awards. The Leaders in Innovation Awards recognise global transaction banks and financial hardware and software providers that have clearly differentiated themselves by innovating across more than 50 categories in wholesale transaction banking.


Date Subject
13 October 2011

HSBC's Guide to Corporate Connectivity - Online edition now available
Learn more about what our customers have to say about their experiences with HSBC's suite of Integration Solutions with this web-based collection of case studies.

22 September 2011

HSBC Connect to SAP gets market ready
HSBC, SAP and SWIFT announce the launch of the next generation of HSBC Connect to SAP.

22 September 2011

HSBC continues its winning streak
HSBC named a winner in Global Finance Awards for "World's Best Internet Banks 2011".

19 September 2011

HSBC launches flexible multi-bank solution with SAP and SWIFT
HSBC, SAP and SWIFT announce at Sibos the launch of the next generation of HSBC Connect to SAP, HSBC's corporate-to-bank integration and treasury solution catering to HSBC's corporate customers that use SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

9 March 2011

HSBC leads the way in SWIFT corporate banking accreditation
HSBC is the first bank to have completed the SWIFT Bank Readiness Certification Programme in Asia and Europe.

23 February 2011

HSBC to broaden connectivity innovations with SAP and SWIFT
HSBC, SAP and SWIFT have teamed together to create the next generation of HSBC Connect to SAP, HSBC's corporate-to-bank integration and treasury solution catering to HSBC's corporate customers that use SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

18 February 2011

Global e-banking with the best
HSBCnet maintains its position as one of the leading online corporate banking platforms, according to results of the 2010 Greenwich Associates Online Services Benchmarking study.

16 December 2010

Focus on Cash Management Trends: eBAM
Electronic bank account management (eBAM) initiatives are attracting much attention from the corporate world. What still needs to be done to achieve take-off?

Source: GT News

27 October 2010

There's an app for that! Multibank channel presents future treasury network model
HSBC is collaborating with SAP and SWIFT to produce the next generation of multi-bank connectivity for corporate customers.

Source: Sibos Issues

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HSBCnet offers a comprehensive suite of flexible online financial solutions – all designed to help you increase productivity and manage your cash flow. With real-time global account access and customisable setup features, you stay in control of the finances at every level of your organisation.

Keep track of your payments, receivables, liquidity and the changing value of your assets – all with one secure, global solution.

Key features

  • One easy-to-use consolidated interface gives you comprehensive and global cash management, trade and supply chain, securities and global markets solutions
  • Flexible reporting tools help you manage your cash flow and supply chain needs
  • Multilevel, end-to-end security
  • Customisable workspace and choice of HSBCnet in supported local language and time zone
  • Centralised, automated and scheduled enhancements mean there is no need to download software updates
  • Comprehensive, yet easy to use with intuitive navigation, online learning resources and telephone support in your local language when you need it
  • Convenient Internet access while in the office, on the road or in different countries
  • Align with your in-house treasury management systems and enterprise resource planning systems
HSBCnet Showcase

View the HSBCnet Showcase and find out how HSBCnet can help you manage your transactions and cash flow across the globe.

Getting started with HSBCnet is easy. Our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the entire process.

Contact us for further information.



HSBCnet Mobile: Banking in the palm of your hand

Get direct access to HSBCnet right on your smartphone with HSBCnet Mobile.

Start today. If you are an existing HSBCnet customer, simply enter into your smartphone's web browser using your logon credentials. Currently available as a complimentary service, the streamlined interface has been specifically designed for use on today’s most popular mobile devices.

Download our app. The HSBCnet Mobile app will soon be available in selected countries.

*HSBCnet Mobile is not available in all countries.

Welcome Authorise

Use HSBCnet Mobile to:

  • View account balances and statements
  • Create Priority Payments, Inter-Account Transfers, and/or Bill Payments to existing beneficiaries1
  • Authorise Priority Payments, Payments in the Eurozone, Inter-Account Transfers, ACH Credits/Debits, Bill Payments and File Level payment instructions1
  • Receive notification of payments ready for authorisation via My Alerts
  • Authorise cross-border payments and book foreign exchange rates with Get Rate1

1Specific service not available in all countries.


Supported devices and hardware requirements

Currently, HSBCnet Mobile (via Web Browser) supports smartphones that use the following operating systems: iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry and Windows.

The HSBCnet Mobile app is available for iPhone and Android based smartphones.

HSBCnet has verified the compatibility of these Mobile devices and their most recent operating systems for use with HSBCnet Mobile. To ensure that you get optimal use of the services available in HSBCnet Mobile, update your smartphone's operating system regularly.

Compatibility testing has been verified with various mobile devices and their OS versions to ensure a secure and stable experience with HSBCnet Mobile. Additional support to future devices will also be available as the mobile market further diversifies.

In addition, a Security Device is required to access HSBCnet Mobile. HSBCnet Mobile is not available to Smart Card users.

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Maintaining a secure HSBCnet Mobile experience

As with the main HSBCnet site, HSBCnet Mobile has incorporated several key security measures to help protect your information.

  • Security Device: Your Security Device is required to log on to your HSBCnet profile and for any subsequent transaction authorisations
  • Encryption: HSBCnet Mobile is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology (versions 1.0 - 1.2)
  • Session time-out: Similar to using HSBCnet from a computer, if you forget to log off, or your mobile device remains inactive for a period of time, HSBCnet Mobile will log off automatically

In addition to your obligation to comply with the general HSBCnet Security Procedures, you must ensure you also comply with the additional security requirements* relating to HSBCnet Mobile on your mobile device, including the following:

  • Do not store your HSBCnet user or profile details on your mobile device
  • Ensure your mobile device is updated with the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Avoid sharing your mobile device with others
  • Avoid using other mobile devices not on the approved list to access HSBCnet Mobile
  • Do not leave your mobile phone unattended after logging on to HSBCnet Mobile
  • For added peace of mind, click the 'Logout' button when you are finished with HSBCnet Mobile
  • To prevent unauthorised access to your mobile device, enable its automatic passcode lock feature
  • Use default browsers originally provided with your mobile device
  • Avoid using an 'unlocked' mobile device or a device with any unauthorised modifications when using HSBCnet Mobile
  • Avoid installing applications on your mobile device from unknown sources
  • When connecting to a wireless network using your mobile device, use only trusted networks or service providers and enable additional security protection, such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), if possible

*For full details of your security obligations in using HSBCnet Mobile, please refer to the HSBCnet Security Procedures.

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HSBCnet Mobile app

HSBCnet customers are now able to download the HSBCnet Mobile app on their iPhone or Android™ phone.* The new Mobile app is faster and easier to use than logging in to HSBCnet via your mobile browser. It offers enhanced optimisation for your mobile device with direct access to your entitled accounts and services anytime, anywhere.

Download our app. The HSBCnet Mobile app will soon be available in selected countries.

Three simple steps to get started using the HSBCnet Mobile app:

  1. Search "HSBCnet" in the Apple App Store or Google Play™ store, depending on your smartphone. Download and install the HSBCnet Mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Use your existing log-on credentials and security device to log on to HSBCnet Mobile via the app.
  3. Access HSBCnet Mobile services through the menu on the home page.

Apple, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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for Corporates

HSBC SWIFT for Corporates

With HSBC's position as of one of the largest SWIFT providers globally, HSBC SWIFT for Corporates enhances integration and streamlines processes by tapping directly into the SWIFT network. Traditionally used by banks to communicate with each other, SWIFT's global network is now available to corporate customers.

Since SWIFT introduced corporate connectivity in 2002, more than 800 corporates have connected to the service and these numbers continue to grow significantly every year. HSBC is one of the largest SWIFT providers today, sending and receiving millions of transactions a month on behalf of our customers.

HSBC SWIFT for Corporates

Using HSBC SWIFT for Corporates to connect to HSBC and your other banking partners provides better visibility into your cash position, optimises management of your working capital and reduces costs and operational risk by eliminating the need for multiple interfaces.

Connecting to SWIFT

Our HSBC SWIFT for Corporates solution offers a number of user-friendly options to leverage the SWIFT network. SWIFT's messaging platform, SWIFTNet, is renowned for its security, reliability and availability. The key SWIFTNet messaging services used by corporates are FIN and FileAct.

  • FIN is used primarily for liquidity and risk management purposes to create high-value or urgent payments (MT101), balance/transaction reporting (MT940) and market confirmations (MT300)
  • Designed for mass payments and suitable for payment factories and financial shared service centres, FileAct is compatible with most common file formats, including EDIFACT, SWIFT, XML IS020022 and other local/proprietary options
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For information about how HSBC SWIFT for Corporates and our Client Access solutions can work for you, please contact us.


HSBC Connect

For customers who process large volumes of payments and receivables, our fully automated host-to-host solution, HSBC Connect, is your single global pipeline to a wide range of HSBC banking services worldwide. HSBC Connect integrates directly with your accounts payable and receivables system, offering a secure, flexible and highly efficient solution for your payment, collection and reconciliation needs.

HSBC Connect

Available in over 40 countries worldwide, HSBC Connect improves straight-through processing capabilities by exchanging bulk transaction data in a range of industry-standard file formats, including ISO 20022 XML, EDIFACT, iDOC, ANSI and SWIFT. Whether your payables or receivables are centralised at a single site, or at multiple shared service centres around the globe, you can send your payment information to HSBC in one file format, eliminating the need to support and maintain local in-country formats.

Depending on your organisation's specific requirements, a number of flexible connection and encryption protocols are also available, including Connect:Enterprise, a basic 'lite' variant of HSBC Connect for customers with simpler direct connection needs.

Interoperability with HSBC's online platform, HSBCnet, allows you to authorise instructions based on your operational requirements, if necessary, while automatic reporting and online acknowledgements enable you to track your payments effectively.

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For information about how HSBC Connect and our Client Access solutions can work for you, please contact us.

HSBC Connect
to SAP

HSBC Connect to SAP

For those customers using an SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system internally, consider HSBC Connect to SAP to streamline your payments processes and leverage your SAP investment with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Get started with a simple and straightforward setup process to begin automating your payments processes with minimal effort.

Based on the bank-neutral ISO 20022 XML global messaging standard, our HSBC Connect to SAP proposition is comprised of three individual solutions, each catering to specific needs and connection requirements.

HSBC Connect to SAP

HSBC Connect to SAP Lite

Integrating seamlessly into your existing SAP accounts payable workflow, HSBC Connect to SAP Lite is ideal for corporates of all sizes and internal structures who are looking for a simple 'plug and play' method to automate their outgoing payments processes – all without any additional IT infrastructure of specialised hardware or software.

HSBC Connect to SAP Lite

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Process Integration

If your organisation has more robust, two-way connectivity requirements with HSBC, including the need for automatic reconciliation with your internal SAP systems, consider our SAP-certified Process Integration (PI) solution built on SAP NetWeaver™ technology.

Process Integration

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Business Communications Management

Developed in tandem with our key global technology partners, SAP and SWIFT, our solution with SAP's Business Communications Management (BCM) software connects you to HSBC and beyond via the SWIFT network – ideal if your organisation maintains banking relationships with multiple banking partners in more than one region.

Business Communications Management

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For information about how HSBC Connect to SAP and our Client Access solutions can work for you, please contact us.

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HSBC's Guide to Corporate Connectivity

View the online edition of HSBC's Guide to Corporate Connectivity

Know what our customers have to say about their experiences with HSBC's suite of Integration Solutions, and view our other thought leadership resources on a range of connectivity-related topics.