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Embracing the cloud

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Lessons for China from Japan

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HSBCnet Mobile wins at the Australian Banking & Finance awards

'Banking website & online offering of the year' awarded to HSBCnet Mobile

AB+F Awards 2012 Winner - 22nd Annual Australian  Banking & Finance awards HSBCnet Mobile has won the Australian Banking & Finance award for 'Banking website & online offering of the year'. Entries were judged based on their ease of use, accessibility, availability of information, visitor volumes and their strength in complementing existing channels.

HSBCnet Mobile checked all the boxes, winning with its user friendly interface that was instrumental in processing 7 per cent of the USD1.14 billion (as of 10 June 2012) in transactions across Asia-Pacific by Australian businesses since its launch in late 2011. Mobile access is available to 400,000 users representing 65,000 clients around the world.

Using HSBCnet Mobile, clients can:

  • View account balances and statements
  • Authorise priority payments, payments in the eurozone, inter-account transfers and ACH credits/debits
  • Receive notification of payments requiring authorisation
  • Authorise cross-border payments with 'Get Rate' which allows clients to view and instantly book foreign exchange rates when making foreign currency payments

HSBCnet Mobile service is a complimentary value-added service. HSBCnet users can conveniently access HSBCnet Mobile using their device's web browser at www.hsbcnet.com/mobile.

About HSBCnet Mobile:

  • Launched in 67 HSBCnet countries/territories
  • Available in 17 languages
  • Both SMS-based alerting and alerts integrated into the mobile client
  • Launched in major markets including Hong Kong, SABB and Malaysia
  • UK authorised payments with the highest values – USD529 million authorised in total since launch
  • The USA has the highest average USD407,000 per authorisation

Click here to learn more about HSBCnet Mobile.

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