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Global Economics Quarterly
Global Economics Quarterly

The global economic world has become a surreal one - a world of oddities, a world of peculiarities.

Why QE has had its day
Why QE has had its day

QE may no longer be the right tool for combating deflation and low growth as its costs are now outweighing the benefits.

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Week in China

Week in China offers exclusive commentary on key business trends emerging from China, updated every week.

Global Research

In-depth economic analysis and advice from a team of global finance experts

Why Global Banking and Markets Why Global Banking and Markets

Global Banking and Markets is a globally connected business, with a strong footprint in emerging markets.

HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business

Learn more about the opportunities and risks of the rapidly expanding market for China's currency.

Awards Awards

Many of the industry's leading publications recognise our success as an emerging markets-led and financing-focused wholesale bank.

Careers for experienced candidates
How important are graduates to HSBC?
Experienced candidates

Be part of one of the most respected and internationally connected banks in the world

Is HSBC right for me?

Careers for graduates
Career events
Student and graduate careers

HSBC offers a world of opportunities for individuals at the early stage of their career.

Trading and sales

Unleash your trading potential with a globally connected bank

Maximise opportunities in trading and sales with a banking partner that has a strong footprint in both developed and emerging markets. Use HSBC's global network and deep local knowledge to make informed decisions and get the right solutions for your needs.

Foreign exchange

Execute foreign exchange deals in over 60 countries and territories backed by up-to-date market intelligence, and advice from our corporate and institutional sales and trading teams. Receive competitive quotes in all tradable currencies 24 hours a day through our electronic trading platforms.

HSBC offers a range of integrated e-trading channels across FX and money markets. Choose how and when you want to trade: HSBC offers clients the platform of their choice, whether bilateral, multi-bank, EBS Prime or white label FX, depending on their individual requirements.

Learn more about our FX services.



Peters, Chris


Leung, Anna

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Ogle, Conor
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Benefit from our global footprint, connectivity, and more than 140 years of proven expertise in the precious metals market. As one of the world's leading metals trading houses, we have branches in Hong Kong, London and New York, and a subsidiary in Sydney. Plus, our membership in all the London daily fixings gives you additional trading opportunities.

Capitalise on our strength in emerging markets. Conveniently trade in precious metals for spot value, and transact trade forwards and options or process clearing accounts 24 hours a day with our metals Risk Management team.


Voller, Paul
Collins, Graham J
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Risk management

Manage your exposure to risk with the help of our team of experts. Have your business balance sheet structure analysed and learn how to minimise the impact of market volatility on your company.

Understand interest rate exposure better with our fact sheets, or talk to our Risk Management team to learn more about our products and services.

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Wong, Ivan
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Make the most of our first-class cash and derivatives trading, sales and distribution, structured equity capabilities and equities finance expertise. HSBC Global Equities is backed by leading emerging markets and company research from HSBC Global Research. We have a strong equities distribution platform of 20 offices with 615 equities sales, trading and research personnel located around the world, offering access to over 120 equities markets across the world.


Invest in fixed and floating bonds offered by sovereigns, supranational institutions, agencies, financial institutions and corporates in various currencies. Benefit from our strong financing, sales and trading platform and our asset and liability management capabilities.

Get financing assistance for structured debt capital markets for project- and asset-based finance. Plus, manage your risk through our advisory services. Managing your trading deals will surely become easier with our skills as a long-established market maker and underwriter in the international bond markets.

Achieve liquidity in a wide range of securities and currencies with us, and have the ability to create deals in all 15 active Asian domestic local currency debt markets, as well as Asian credits denominated in G7 currencies.

In the UK, access the complete gilt product coverage, which extends from the conventional wholesale market activities to STRIPS and index-linked trading, and the retail odd-lot market. Trade in bond option and repo markets. Access euro-denominated, liquid fixed-income products through HSBC France, which is the Group's trading platform.

Track the total return performance of liquid bonds through the HSBC Asian Local Bond Index (ALBI), which is available in local currencies in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Meanwhile, you can track the total-return performance of a non-Japan Asian bond portfolio consisting of USD-denominated, fixed-rate, straight bonds satisfying a set of simple issue size and liquidity criteria through the HSBC Asian US Dollar Bond Index (ADBI).

Track the performance of portfolios comprising global sukuk, Middle Eastern bonds and AED-denominated issues with the HSBC/Nasdaq Dubai family of indices. This is made possible by our collaboration with Nasdaq Dubai. Utilise benchmarks provided by our daily bid price at Middle East close.

Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour trading and sales coverage via our dealing rooms in Hong Kong, London and New York, and a global network of offices.

Learn more about our credit services.

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Transact seamlessly with your global interest rates partner. HSBC Rates brings together expertise from sales, trading, structuring and distribution with world-class research in over 50 countries through nearly 800 fixed income specialists around the world.

Futures and options

Get a well-balanced combination of technology and personal service from one of the world's most-trusted trading advisers. Save time on your transactions by having a single point of contact for all your operational issues. Our hands-on customer service specialists are also ready to take care of your clearing accounts.

Our one-to-one customer and account services include:

  • Query management
  • Agreement and settlement of margin calls
  • Assignment of options
  • Cash management

Receive training assistance and round-the-clock support for our e-trade and clearing platforms.

Know more about our futures and options capabilities.


Taylor, Martin
Watkins, Natalia
Berger, David
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Money markets

From cash loans and deposits to high-quality debt instruments, our global money market business can meet your short-term financial requirements. Manage deposits in all major currencies or find the most suitable securities, such as certificates of deposit, eligible bills, repos or commercial papers.

Structured products

Structured products can be used to meet a variety of client objectives, including capital protection, yield enhancement or diversification. HSBC's leading Structured Equity platform specialises in the quick delivery of tailored products, in a variety of wrappers including notes, options, funds or locally specific wrappers (including Shariah-compliant products).Our global team of specialists cover private and retail banks, as well as corporate and institutional clients in 48 countries.

Get more information about our structured products.



Enquiries, Structured products
HSBC Derivative Products Group


Enquiries, Structured products
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