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Global Economics Quarterly
Global Economics Quarterly

The global economic world has become a surreal one - a world of oddities, a world of peculiarities.

Why QE has had its day
Why QE has had its day

QE may no longer be the right tool for combating deflation and low growth as its costs are now outweighing the benefits.

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Why Global Banking and Markets Why Global Banking and Markets

Global Banking and Markets is a globally connected business, with a strong footprint in emerging markets.

HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business

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Many of the industry's leading publications recognise our success as an emerging markets-led and financing-focused wholesale bank.

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Global custody

Get your business on the fast track

Benefit from global trade and investment flows by fast-tracking your business using our custodian network. Tap the expertise and local knowledge of HSBC experts, as well as our increasing experience and ability to service sovereign wealth funds in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


From performance analytics and safekeeping solutions to FX services and transition management, our global custody products, backed by superior client services, can give your business the lead it needs today. For each of our clients, a relationship manager and a client services manager work together for increased accuracy and transparency of assets and reporting.

Learn more about our products from the product profiles below.

Asset servicing/Corporate actions

Deliver efficiency, transparency and responsiveness to your investors through our capabilities in asset servicing. Rest easy knowing that you are with a client-focused leader in corporate actions. Whether it's dividends, rights issues or proxy voting, we can help manage entitlements on your behalf, making it easy to maintain a competitive position.

Compliance monitoring

Efficiently cover local regulations and fund-specific investment restrictions by using our automated post-trade application, MIG21, supported by our global reach and local expertise. MIG21 uses extensive market and fund data to provide you a suite of compliance and investment restriction checks.

Compliance monitoring is a vital part of risk management operations for your business. Speak to our team for more information. .

Consolidated reporting

Get consolidated reporting with the level of detail and in the format you need. A focus on transparency, accessibility and completeness are the standards of our reporting. Speak to our team about tailored solutions, or simply select from our wide-ranging suite of reports.

Portfolio reporting

Receive regular and auditable market valuations for your asset portfolio. The frequency of portfolio reporting is your choice, as we deliver reliable monthly, quarterly and even daily valuations depending on your requirements.

Direct execution custody services

Link high-speed equity and mutual fund execution with seamless settlement, clearing and custody services.

Our direct execution custody services are convenient and competitively priced, helping reduce costs over trading and operational areas. Receive support in more than 60 markets, plus flexible front-end connectivity together with comprehensive reporting and client service.

Performance analytics

Accountability and transparency have become ever more important, which is why we offer rigorous and independent performance analytics on asset portfolios at the frequency you need. Our analytics include investment strategy performance by geography, investment type and industry, as well as benchmarking against other managers and market indices.


Record keeping and reconciliations demand diligence and attention to detail. Along with the opportunity to leverage one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry, we offer a regular and responsive service to queries. Our safekeeping strategy takes protection to a new level by segregating assets at a depositary level where permitted and by using our own sub-custody network wherever possible.

Securities lending

Experience transparent and seamless execution through our range of flexible products on a custody or third-party basis, including indemnified agency, principal, exclusives and auctions. If you want to manage your own programme, you can select from a range of support services, such as settlement, collateral management, and asset servicing and reporting.

Settlement processing

Speed up the process and reduce waiting time to a minimal. Our straight-through processing supports industry standards for financial messaging and promotes close integration between HSBCnet and your organisation's systems. A variety of communication methods, including messages transmitted through HSBCnet and SWIFT, can help you save time for the most important business.

Tax reclaims

Manage tax liabilities effectively while ensuring optimal reclaims. We combine a dedicated tax team and emerging markets-led local expertise to make the most of your tax jurisdiction, including the handling of cross-border tax and sovereign wealth funds.

Tax services

Focus on business while we provide global tax reclaims and tax relief at source, keeping you fully informed of changes in tax laws in various jurisdictions around the world.

We ensure that as relevant tax laws change or are proposed, clients are fully informed, enabling them to make appropriate investment decisions. Our state-of-the-art, dynamic systems can help ensure that your assets are held in the most appropriate account. It is a comprehensive service that minimises client involvement.

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Transition management

Moving between investment managers and investment strategies can require a great deal of time and many resources. We'll help you manage transition by ensuring that the process is completed in the minimum time with the least possible impact on your business.

Treasury services

Tap into the knowledge of our local treasury services specialists and the strength of our global network and connectivity.

Request quotes for competitive prices in all tradable currencies, 24 hours a day. Centred primarily in Hong Kong, London and New York, we trade foreign exchange (FX) in over 60 countries and territories, in both developed and emerging markets. Our team of FX sales professionals can guide you with all your FX needs.

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Targeted solutions combined with truly global, single sign-on online access to information can keep your business a step ahead of competition. Contact us about our internet platform, HSBCnet, or about prime services or exchange-traded fund services to receive a best-in-class client service underpinned by the strength of our brand and balance sheet.

Prime services

HSBC Prime Services, together with HSBC Securities Services, can provide integrated services such as custody and clearing, securities lending, cross-asset margining and client service with reporting for your hedge fund and asset management business. HSBC Prime Services uses HSBC's custody platform to segregate and keep your assets safe.

Exchange-traded fund

For an exchange-traded fund (ETF) promoter looking for solutions in fund administration, investment operations, global custody and securities lending, the underlying requirement is global capability. HSBC ETF uses HSBC's global reach to offer fund administration, investment operations, global custody and securities lending for ETF products domiciled, registered and listed in multiple markets or jurisdictions.


Access HSBCnet, our global corporate internet banking platform, which allows integration with your accounting and treasury systems for real-time balance and transactions reporting. HSBCnet gives you access to information, ranging from securities portfolios to fund and investor summaries. The customisable platform can provide you a wealth of local market information.

The industry is becoming ever more intricately networked, more mobile and increasingly dependent on a business' connectivity. HSBCnet can help you stay right on track.

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Fund solutions

Fund solutions provide domiciliation and re-domiciliation, structuring and re-structuring, service delivery locations, complex operating models, tax and regulatory implications, market innovation as well as the broader range of the HSBC Group's financial services. All deals that the team is involved in are led by a sales, business development or relationship manager who remains your main client contact throughout the process.