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Global Economics Quarterly
Global Economics Quarterly

The global economic world has become a surreal one - a world of oddities, a world of peculiarities.

Why QE has had its day
Why QE has had its day

QE may no longer be the right tool for combating deflation and low growth as its costs are now outweighing the benefits.

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Week in China offers exclusive commentary on key business trends emerging from China, updated every week.

Global Research

In-depth economic analysis and advice from a team of global finance experts

Why Global Banking and Markets Why Global Banking and Markets

Global Banking and Markets is a globally connected business, with a strong footprint in emerging markets.

HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business

Learn more about the opportunities and risks of the rapidly expanding market for China's currency.

Awards Awards

Many of the industry's leading publications recognise our success as an emerging markets-led and financing-focused wholesale bank.

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Capturing market opportunities

Get financing from a bank with balance sheet strength and depth, a local presence and a global network. From buyouts to bonds to initial public offerings, HSBC offers tailored financial solutions to corporations, institutions and governments.

Credit and Lending

Optimise returns and minimise risk with HSBC. Benefit from our consistent strategy, positive credit risk management and quality portfolio. We offer significant breadth of support: our Credit and Lending unit works across products, regions, countries and sectors on all lending-related activities.

Asset and Structured Finance

Asset and Structured Finance provides solutions to both corporate and institutional customers in the financing of, and investment in, physical and financial assets, working with a full range of financial instruments and colleagues from across the HSBC Group. Our solutions will tend to be cross border (but can be domestic) and of high value.

Our presence in HSBC's main countries of operation gives us a global network combined with specific local expertise, allowing us to consider various legislative incentives available to encourage investment in and financing of physical and financial assets. Physical assets financed have included aircraft, real estate, ships, land transport, power facilities and infrastructure.

Find out more about our Asset and Structured Finance services.

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Leveraged and Acquisition Finance

Get strategic solutions in all areas of debt. HSBC is a competitive provider of event-driven financing for corporates and financial sponsors globally. Capitalise on our financing expertise across asset classes, and integration with equity and debt capital markets teams.

HSBC's Leveraged and Acquisition Finance division provides general corporate-style facilities, acquisition finance, project finance, infrastructure finance, recapitalisation, working capital finance and sovereign financing.

Learn more about how we can help you with your leveraged and acquisition financing needs.

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Project and Export Finance

Make the most of expanding trade corridors and infrastructure financing demand with funding options from HBSC. Get advice and support from a recognised leader in project and export finance in emerging markets. Capture regional opportunities driven by economic growth and emerging-market-related cross-border flows.

Project finance

HSBC provides both project finance advisory and project finance debt arranging services.

Lending is predicated primarily on the cash flows and intrinsic worth of the project assets and contractual rights, rather than on corporate risk or other credit external to the project.

Our specialists can advise you on the whole structure of project financing, including bid strategy, provision of equity and hedging techniques. They can also structure, organise and provide a package of financing instruments for a project.

Export finance

Turn opportunities into profits with medium- and long-term financing for capital goods and services. Benefit from our strength in emerging markets. Our team of professionals works across a broad range of industries, including marine assets, aircraft, infrastructure development and manufacturing equipment.

Receive structuring, arranging, execution and distribution services covering all major exporting countries. Our Export Finance team will help you take advantage of government guarantee programmes in an exporting country. This, in turn, achieves highly competitive pricing for the buyer.

Find out more about out capabilities in project and export finance.

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Equity Capital Markets

Tap the global equity capital markets with HSBC. Our global presence and membership in all major and developing markets enables us to provide complete financing and advisory solutions. Make the most of our strength in large-cap rights issuance and our strong franchise and market position in Europe.

We also provide structuring, syndication and execution of equity-related issues. HSBC has a significant footprint in capital markets and is well positioned to direct new investment flows to satisfy your needs.

Learn more about how we can help you connect to equity capital markets.

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Debt Capital Markets

Receive crisp and timely advice, seamless support and creative products from our Debt Capital Markets team. The depth and breadth of our coverage makes us the counterparty of choice across asset classes, in both developed and emerging markets.

HSBC's Debt Capital Markets group takes a holistic approach in providing financing and financing-related services to a broad range of corporate, financial institution, and public sector clients globally, in the developed and developing markets. From Asia to Latin America, from sovereigns to infrastructure finance, HSBC has been at the forefront of developments in a challenging market environment.

HSBC has won leading market positions in sterling, euro, and emerging markets currencies, as well as SSA issuance. With the liberalisation of the Chinese currency, we have become the one of the largest underwriters of the offshore RMB product.

Our integrated platform provides financing and derivative solutions across the full spectrum of debt products globally. Get innovative products and original structures designed to meet your needs from our Debt Capital Markets team.

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