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One bank, many tools
One bank, many tools

Bank of England rates are expected to stay low until Q3 2015 due to less inflationary pressure in 2014, according to Chief UK Economist Simon Wells.

South-South Special
South-South Special

China's growing interest in energy and infrastructure is a positive sign for equity markets in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Learn more about the opportunities and risks of the rapidly expanding market for China's currency.

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Asia's corporate debt splurge Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research 11/07/2014 preview

Asia's corporate debt splurge

Know the current corporate debt status of the countries within the Asian region.

Video: European Economics Quarterly HSBC Global Research 07/07/2014 preview

Video: European Economics Quarterly

What are the positive and negative risks that the European economy might face with further monetary stimuli from ECB?

Asia, oil and inflation Frederic Neumann, Co-head of Asian Economic Research 04/07/2014 preview

Asia, oil and inflation

With fuel prices expected to rise in 2015, Asia may have to consider growth and government budgets for a stable inflation rate.

The graphite grab Week in China 04/07/2014 preview

The graphite grab

China is sitting on 77 per cent of the world's proven graphite reserves.

Video: UK Economics HSBC Global Research 27/06/2014 preview

Video: UK Economics

Simon Wells, Chief UK Economist, shares his views on macroprudential and monetary policies and how they are affecting inflation rate targets.

Sweet home Alabama Week in China 27/06/2014 preview

Sweet home Alabama

Golden Dragon Group invests in a copper tubing plant at Pine Hill, Alabama, further creating employment opportunities for the townsfolk.

China's dangerous obsession Qu Hongbin, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research and Chief Economist, Greater China 26/06/2014 preview

China's dangerous obsession

While incomplete financial reforms and distortions run rife, investment-led growth threatens to throw China's economy off balance.

Global economy: You’ve been framed Karen Ward, Chief Global Economist; Stephen King, Group Chief Economist 26/06/2014 preview

Global economy: You’ve been framed

Economists continue to struggle in keeping the inflation rate above forecasts, resulting to a lower global growth forecast.

Video: Global Economics Quarterly HSBC Global Research 26/06/2014 preview

Video: Global Economics Quarterly

Group Chief Economist Stephen King and Senior Global Economist Karen Ward provide the global economic outlook for the third quarter of 2014.

Coal remains India’s hidden treasure Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research 25/06/2014 preview

Coal remains India’s hidden treasure

The Indian government will need funds, expertise and regulatory clearing in order to bank in coal production.