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The euro and the Musketeers
The euro and the Musketeers

There was never a proper attempt to embrace the fundamental philosophical insight of the Three Musketeers – 'All for one, one for all'.

Asia's electronics industry
Asia's electronics industry

China's rapidly expanding electronics exports came at the expense of the USA, Japan and Europe, not the rest of emerging Asia.

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HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business HSBC in the forefront of Offshore RMB Business

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Management team

Global Banking and Markets is managed by a team of world-class executives, chosen for their experience and ability to connect emerging markets with developed markets for the benefit of our customers and to ensure the future growth of HSBC Group.

The Global Banking and Markets management team is led by Chief Executive and Group General Manager Samir Assaf, reporting directly to HSBC Group Chief Executive, Stuart Gulliver.

Samir Assaf

Samir Assaf

Chief Executive Officer
Global Banking and Markets

Samir Assaf is Chief Executive of Global Banking and Markets. He is also a Group Managing Director and a member of the Group Management Board. Mr Assaf assumed these responsibilities on 1 January, 2011.

Mr Assaf joined HSBC in 2000 when the bank acquired CCF. At HSBC, he started as Head of Fixed Income Trading, Europe, and Head of Global Markets at HSBC France. In 2006, he was promoted to Head of Global Markets, EMEA, and in 2007, assumed the additional role of Deputy Head of Global Markets.

Mr Assaf became Head of Global Markets in January 2008 and a Group General Manager in May 2008. He was given management responsibility for Global Research in September 2009 and joint management responsibility for HSBC Securities Services in 2010.

He joined CCF in 1994 from Groupe Total, where he was Head of Treasury. At CCF, he was appointed Head of Markets in 1998.

Mr Assaf holds a BSc degree in Finance from L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris and an MBA in Economics from La Sorbonne University.

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Robin Phillips

Robin Phillips

Global Head of Banking
Group General Manager

Robin Phillips is the Global Head of Banking for HSBC, based in London. He is responsible for leading the Bank’s coverage of its biggest corporate, financial and government clients. Mr Phillips was appointed to this position in August 2013, having previously been Co-Head of Global Banking and Head of Global Banking and Markets for Asia-Pacific since September 2011, based in Hong Kong. He was appointed Group General Manager in 2010.

Since joining HSBC in 2004, Mr Phillips has led the merger of the Global Banking and Markets’ corporate and investment banking functions, as well as spearheaded the broader development of its equities strategy.

Mr Phillips has over 25 years of experience in corporate and investment banking, with a significant focus latterly around the transportation, services and infrastructure sectors. He has been involved with many high-profile transactions throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, including privatisations, acquisitions, disposals and structured financings, as well as leading client relationships and transactions in other key sectors.

Before joining HSBC as Head of the Global Industrials Group, Mr Phillips was Head of Transport and Infrastructure at Citigroup Global Markets. He also previously ran the aviation and airports team at UBS Warburg.

Mr Phillips has a Master of Arts degree from Oxford University. He has four children and his hobbies include golf, tennis, cricket and music.

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Kevin Adeson

Kevin Adeson

Group General Manager and
Vice Chairman of Global Banking and Markets

Kevin was appointed Vice Chairman of Global Banking and Markets in August 2013. In this role, he works closely with our priority client relationships and focuses on developing key growth initiatives through collaboration across business lines. He has been a Group General Manager since January 2012.

Kevin began his career with HSBC in 2006 as Global Head of Leveraged and Acquisition Finance. He then became Head of Global Capital Financing and in April 2008, took on the role of Global Head of Principal Investments. In January 2011, he became Co-Head of Global Banking and oversaw HSBC’s vast Global Banking business, which has a presence in over 50 countries and territories.

Prior to joining HSBC, Kevin was Head of Leveraged and Acquisition Finance Europe at Morgan Stanley and a member of that firm's Global Capital Underwriting Committee. He joined Morgan Stanley in 1997 from Bankers Trust, where he spent 10 years in leveraged finance and equity arbitrage.

Kevin holds a BA degree from Bradley University.

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Jose-Luis Guerrero

Jose-Luis Guerrero

Global Head of Markets

Jose-Luis Guerrero was appointed Global Head of Markets with effect from 12 August 2013. Markets manages the Bank’s fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities and equity activities across sales, trading and research. Jose-Luis was previously Co-Head of Markets and was appointed Group General Manager in February 2013.

Jose-Luis joined HSBC in 2004 and served within HSBC Securities as Head of Emerging Markets. He became Head of Global Markets Americas in 2008. In January 2010, he became Head of Global Markets, EMEA, HSBC Bank plc. Before joining HSBC, he was Head of Local Markets Trading in Latin America for Deutsche Bank New York, where he started the local bank operation in Mexico in 2000.

Jose-Luis studied Economics at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico.

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Spencer Lake

Spencer Lake

Global Head of Capital Financing

Spencer Lake was appointed Global Head of Capital Financing with effect from 12 August 2013. Capital Financing houses the primary products of Global Banking and Markets, such as Debt Capital Markets and Equity Capital Markets. Spencer was previously Co-Head of Global Markets with effect from 1 January 2011. Global Markets housed the bank’s fixed income, commodities and equity activities across sales, trading, origination and research.

Spencer joined HSBC in 2006 as Global Head of Debt Capital Markets and Acquisition Finance. He was also jointly responsible for HSBC's government sector.

Prior to joining HSBC, Spencer had a 17-year career with Merrill Lynch in New York, Hong Kong and London across a number of areas including real estate finance, investment banking and debt capital markets. During his career at Merrill, Spencer ran Asian debt origination, started and managed European public sector origination, managed European emerging markets asset and liability origination, European financing and risk management and, prior to his departure, ran liability origination in the Pacific Rim (Japan, Asia-Pacific and Australasia). Before Merrill Lynch, Spencer worked for two years at JP Morgan in real estate investment banking.

Spencer holds a BA degree in International Finance and Marketing from Suffolk University, Massachusetts, and an MBA degree from New York University's Stern School of Business.

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Gordon French

Gordon French

Head of Global Banking and Markets, Asia-Pacific

Gordon French is the Head of Global Banking and Markets (GBM) for Asia-Pacific at HSBC based in Hong Kong. He was appointed to this position in August 2013, having previously been the Head of Global Markets for Asia-Pacific since 2010.

Mr French is responsible for all GBM businesses in Asia-Pacific, including Banking, Markets, Capital Financing, Securities Services, Balance Sheet Management and Payments and Cash Management for HSBC GBM clients.

In his previous position as the Head of Global Markets for Asia-Pacific, Mr French was responsible for HSBC’s credit, debt capital markets, rates, foreign exchange, equities, research, balance sheet management and securities services businesses across 20 countries in the region. He was instrumental in strengthening the collaboration between Global Markets and the Bank’s customer-facing groups in Global Banking, Commercial Banking and Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

Mr French joined HSBC in 1988 with Wardley Australia in its Futures division. He spent eight years in various positions, including Director and Head of Exchange Traded Derivatives, and represented HSBC on various exchange and regulatory bodies.

In 1995, Mr French relocated to Singapore to run HSBC’s Asia-Pacific Futures and Options business before moving to London in 2001 as the Global Head of Futures. In 2003, Mr French took on additional responsibilities as Managing Director and Head of the Rates Sales Group in Europe, and Head of Hedge Fund Sales for Treasury and Capital Markets. The following year, he was appointed Co-head of Institutional Sales for Europe, which also included responsibility for and management of the Credit and Emerging Markets sales teams.

In 2005, Mr French was appointed Head of Sales and Regional Treasury Management, Global Markets, Asia-Pacific. This position included responsibility for managing Global Markets’ dealing rooms across the region, along with supervision of sales management and the continued development of the distribution platform in Asia-Pacific. He joined the Global Markets Management Committee in July 2006.

Mr French holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne.

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Patrick M Nolan

Patrick M Nolan

Group General Manager
Chief Executive Officer
HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Americas

Patrick M Nolan is the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Americas, a principal business line of HSBC Holdings plc (NYSE:HBC), one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. In 2013, Nolan was also appointed Group General Manager.

In this role, Nolan is responsible for leading the Global Banking and Markets regional management team across the Americas. This includes overseeing the bank’s market-related activities including trading, balance sheet management and capital markets. He also heads the region's banking-related activities such as client coverage, leveraged and acquisition finance, project and export finance, and advisory services, as well as global transaction banking activities such as payments and cash management, alternative fund services, and corporate trust and loan agency.

Nolan has worked for HSBC since 1987 in a variety of corporate and investment banking roles in the UK, USA and Canada. His previous roles include Global Head of Credit and Lending, Head of Coverage Europe within Global Banking, Head of UK Corporate and Institutional Banking and Head of HSBC’s Corporate Finance and Advisory business in Canada.

He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and holds a degree in History from the University of Manchester. Nolan serves on the board of directors of the Council of the Americas.

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Mohammad Al Tuwaijri

Mohammad Al Tuwaijri

Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
HSBC Group – Middle East and North Africa

Mr Mohammad Al Tuwaijri assumed the position of Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Middle East and North Africa in October 2013 and is responsible for the Group’s business in the MENA region. He continues to act as Regional Head of Global Banking and Markets, HSBC Group, Middle East and North Africa.

He serves as a board member of a number of HSBC-related entities:

  • HSBC Saudi Arabia Limited
  • The Saudi Arabia British Bank
  • HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
  • HSBC Bank Egypt SAE

Prior to his current role, Mohammad has held the position of Regional Head of Global Banking and Markets, HSBC Group, Middle East and North Africa since June 2010.

Mohammad initially joined the HSBC Group in 1995 and was Group Head of Treasury at The Saudi British Bank from 2004 to 2007. Before joining HSBC, he was with JP Morgan, where he headed the bank’s Saudi Arabian business.

Mohammad has served as an elected Chairman of the Saudi Treasurers’ Committee, a professional body that communicates the market’s feedback and monetary policies to the central bank. In addition, he is a member of the Saudi Management Association and the GCC Board of Directors’ Institute.

Starting his career as a pilot in the Saudi Arabia Air Force, Mohammad was a mission leader and had received the Air Medal from the president of the United States. He was also awarded the Rami Medal by the king of Saudi Arabia and the Liberation Medal from the emir of Kuwait.

Mohammad holds an MBA from King Saud University, Riyadh. His MBA thesis on the capital structure and dividend policy of listed Saudi companies was published in 1997.

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